Texas Floods Hit Seven Dead & Some Missing Latest Update Road Close In North

Authorities and police have found more than two dead bodies flooding in the state to six. Everyone is worried about a nine-year-old boy who is missing in central Kansas. Southeast Texas region is inundated with rain and heavy flood. Four men were killed in Washington County.


Well, the rain stopped Friday Night but still it affects too many people there. Some of the areas hammered with 17 inches of rain in the region.

Rescue operations and rescue boats are underway. Authorities continuously tried to save all those people who are stepped in the flood.

The National Weather Service of America has issued some warnings and for the taxes natives not to drive cars and to be careful to the near riverbanks.

The National Weather Service announced that big storm system could hit Texas on Thursday and Friday. So avoid coming out from your houses as it would not safe for them.

Officials confirmed that levels of rivers could rise and cause more flooding in the area. More than ten peoples have died in the flood.

A large number of peoples are missing there. Authorities tries their best to search those peoples who are missing. A hurry-skurry situation occurred there.

We have some of the statements of the victims who are affected by this flood. Jimmy Wayne Schaeffer is a 49 years old man who drove his pickup truck into high waters, and then he climbed into the truck’s bed.

Pyarali Rajebhi Umatiyan found dead on the Saturday in Yegua Creek. Officials report confirmed that he was last seen Friday morning in his car. So everyone should be careful there and avoid to come out from their houses for 2 or 3 days.

Southeast Texas has been crushed with the horrific weather lately, including two 500-year flood events in two last two months.