Tha Tha Thapki Will Save Bihaan! Thapki Pyar Ki 9th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Tha Tha Thapki Will Save Bihaan! Thapki Pyar Ki 9th May 2016 Episode Written Updates :- In the last episode of the TV series “Thapki Pyar Ki” started with Bihaan was crying and look on to Thapki. And then Bihaan saw Bau Ji in his dream. He saw that Bau Ji came to him and asked that you are unable to sleep just because of me as I am hurt. Bau Ji went unwell suddenly and Bihaan wake up from dream crying Bau Ji.

Thapki Pyar Ki episode written update

Thapki Pyar Ki 9th May 2016 Episode

Thapki asked him what happened and Bihaan rush to hospital. Police constable tried to stop him but all goes vain and Bihaan run away. Now Thapki asked to Dhruv, that Bihaan is in hospital and Dhruv and Thapki now moved on to hospital and found Bihaan in Bau Ji’s room at hospital. Bihaan moved to Bau Ji to found Bau Ji that he is really unwell. He called doctor and scolded the doctor for being careless and doctor provides the treatment to Bau Ji.

Now Dhruv came and asked to the doctor, is Bihaan created any problem with Bau Ji, the doctor said no, Bihaan save Bau Ji’s life. Thapki called a lawyer and the lawyer said that he will not fight Bihaan’s case. On the other hand Preeti and Suman are in doubt that Shraddha is behind this all ill fated incident happened with Bau Ji. Now on the other hand, Dhruv taunted Tahpki by saying that Bihaan is culprit.

Thapki asked to Dhruv that don’t dare to call him culprit as till the crime against Bihaan has not been proved.
Precap: Thapki will decide to fight Bihaan’s case as nobody wants to fight his case now. Suman and Preeti are also busy searching the same as they thinks that, may be Shraddha having connection with this case.

Shraddha will boost up Dhruv to move against Bihaan and also Shraddha said to Dhruv to make sure that Bihaan should have punishment as he is the culprit and he tried to kill Bau Ji which is as equal as a sin and also Shraddha criticized Thapki as she is in support of Bihaan.

Dhruv looked on and give his nod. Stay tuned for the more updates of the TV series “Thapki Pyaar Ki”!!!