Thai cave rescue mission live updates: Third operation underway to free last four boys and coach

Thai cave rescue mission live updates: Third operation underway to free last four boys and coach: IT is believed that some attempts are underway to pull another four to six boys from the cave and the underway operation started from the early morning today, post divers previously started replenishing the exit route with air tanks that were exhausted and depleted on yesterday’s successful mission which was in order to rescue four other boys. Thailand cave rescue LIVE updates

Thai cave rescue mission live updates

*The second day of rescue operations at the cave site in northern Thailand has ended after four more boys were brought out of the flooded cave system Monday.

Eight boys have now been freed in total, while four remain inside the flooded Tham Luang Nang Non cave complex with their coach. They now face their 17th night trapped on a ledge four kilometers (2.5 miles) inside the cave system.

the former governor of Chiang Rai province, Narongsak Osotthanakorn, who has stayed on to oversee the save mission, is all set to update media shortly on what is planned for today to saves all those innocent lives in the Thai cave rescue mission.

Earlier in the day, a savior at the site write in his official page of the micro blogging site: “Started to transport air bottles, the medic team is in place, ready to take 4-6 boar out soon. Cloudy skies but not yet rain. But if it rains we don’t care – it will have no impact.”

The savior was referring to the Moo Pa Academy soccer squad, which translates as the meaning “wild boar”.

Other vision display the defibrillators were being sent into the cave network, but something worst happen in the Thai cave actually.

The cave network, Tham Luang has, until now, has been little understood by speleogists, who are fast in receipt of a lesson on the 10km system’s with some twists and turns.

The main issue facing savior — alongside the extreme low visibility and the dual issue of oxygen exhaustion and carbon monoxide overload in the cave’s chambers — is an unsafe choke point about 1km from where the lingering and remaining boys are trapped on the muddy ledge.

This is need divers to lead the boys down at the narrow tunnel, at points only .7m wide, then in the above the water level, then down another tunnel once again into the deep pool.

The professional divers are leading the boys out in pairs, with two divers escorting each boy and holding his tank so that the journey will be easy and for them they can easily save all those boys.

The Local television display a video footage of air tanks being winched from side to side the cave on rope pulleys because they started to attack the next phase of the mission.

As per various media reports, Rick Stanton and Joahn Volanthen, the British divers, who found the boys trapped on a ledge on the last Monday, are closely involved in the rescue operation, while Richard Harris, an Australian anaesthetist and diver, gave the four boys a final check earlier than releasing them for the journey on the last Sunday.

“It’s wonderful news and we are very relieved that the four boys have been evacuated,” said Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

“But the fact that it took so many hours underscores how precarious this whole mission is”, he added further.

While four of the boys trapped inside a cave in northern Thailand have been brought out, the mission to set free the remaining eight boys which is going on.