Thailand recommends against Pokemon Go Chasing in polling stations

Thailand recommends against Pokemon Go Chasing in polling stations : There is a problem generated by the world famous trending location-based augmented reality game ‘Pokemon Go’ and now The Thailand caution against Pokemon hunting in polling stations, Also A leader of the Thailand Election Committee asked people to avert playing Pokemon Go near to the polling stations and further said, It was illegal to go to the stations to get Pokemon’s.


According to the source report’s , Where the world trending game Pokemon Go banned in polling stations during Thailand election, While In the Thailand, The Thai government suggested Pokemon Go players against entering polling sites as they hunt for the Pokemon’s when the nation votes on a contentious junta-crafted law.

Furthermore, Voters of the Thailand nation are being asked either to accept or decline the military’s current law while the military has halted open discussion first of the election.

Where in the Last week, Pokemon Go was made accessible in Thailand with another 14 countries in Asia and the Pacific, entertaining followers in a country where Japanese subcultures have notable fans. following its international launch, Where the Pokemon Go game has fired a worldwide excitement among users who have taken to the roads with their smartphones.

On the other side, The Thailand Election administrators presently fear followers might fall into polling booths as they feverishly hunt for Pokemon’s.

From the report’s, The chairman of the Election Commission, Supachai Somcharoen said that I advise to people who play Pokemon Go game that whenever few Pokemon looks in a polling stations, I ask for your help in not playing the game.

The popular game Pokemon Go uses satellite locations also camera abilities to extend cartoon beasts on real-world environments and exciting players to capture and lead the monsters for fights, Although it has been recommended as an entertaining idea to get people outdoors,