Thane Man Hangs Self, Livestreams Suicide Viral Video Check Death Reason Photos & Wiki Bio

A shocking piece of news is coming from Thane city in Maharashtra, where a 27-year old young man named, “Ankush Pawar” hanged himself at his residence in Kalyan West and live-streamed the same on his Facebook account on Saturday, 7th August 2021. According to the initial reports submitted by the police officials, Pawar who works as a ward boy in a hospital decided to end his life after his marriage proposal got rejected by her three years long time girlfriend. Pawar took this extreme step as he was deeply hurt by the rejection, moreover, during the live stream the deceased also pronounced that he had been in a relationship with a woman for 3 years.

Thane man hangs self

During the Live stream, Pawar further stated that he supported her financially and also provide her financial assistance from his own savings. He loved her dearly and thought that she would accept his love by accepting him as her future, however, he was rejected by her. A piece of new information is also coming on this matter from the side of the police which states that a couple of days ago, the duo got into an intense fight. Moreover, if the sources are to be believed, then it has been reported that the couple would often fight on trifle matters.

However, there recent fight got a little intense this time and in which it has been said that the woman with whom Pawar has been in a relationship for three years told him to die. As per the police officials, in a fit of rage, the 27-year old Pawar decided to end his life. It looks like Pawar was in a state of mind, where he seemed emotionally disturbed because of the rejection and then his recent fight with his girlfriend added more fuel to his already burning heart. As of now, we do not know, whether he was living alone or with his family.

After a spoiled relationship, Pawar decided to end his life and thus, he hanged himself inside his house and streamed the same over his Facebook on Saturday, 7th August 2021. The police officials of Maharashtra has registered a case of accidental suicide in this matter and investigating the case. As of now, no official statement has come out from the side of Pawar’s girlfriend on this matter, however, the police are looking into the matter seriously in order to know whether there is something more to it.

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