Thapki drove the scooty! TPK Thapki Pyar Ki 14th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Thapki drove the scooty! TPK Thapki Pyar Ki 14th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Kosi telling Thapki that she cares neither about Vihaan nor his love. Suddenly, Kosi changed her voice and started crying and said Thapki that Vihaan has brought with so much love, and you are burning this.


Vihaan comes there and stares at Thapki and says earlier you was my mother, and now, you are also against me. Vihaan told Thapki that he saw her burning the paper and now, he will never trust her. Vihaan goes from there, and Kosi clapped her hand and said Thapki that Had not to spying to her room nor she born her anger.

Thapki asked Kosi what will happen when Vivaah knows her truth? Thapki says Vihaan will get hurt when he will come to know your truth. Thapki pointed the finger at Kosi, but Kosi twisted her finger. Vihaan came there, and Kosi again changed her voice and told Vihaan that Thapki was saying no she will rule this house. Kosi is not let Thapki utter a single word.

Kosi told everyone that Thapki challenged her that the family who will win the competition, Vivaan will belong to that family. Kosi told Vihaan that she would leave the house as she has lived all of her life suffocatings and had enough courage to live the life alone. Vihan stopped her and said competition would be held and the family who will win the race, I will belong to them.

Thapki says I never disregarded her nor challenged her. But Vihaan did not listen to her. Vihaan was on the terrace, and Thapki joined him and said it does not matter whosoever wins tomorrow but remember one thing that Thapki loves Vihaan.

Vihaan says I am struck between his mother and wife, and now, it depends on upon the fortune. Next morning, the competition began, and announcer announces that he first competition will be a person carrying a ball on the spoon and told everyone that he already announced everyone that both family members have to bring their spoons from the house.

He said Thapki and Family that Kosi said that she said that she would inform everyone about the rules. Kosi says I forget as I was too busy. Thapki says I will bring the spoons from the house as we will do anything to win the competition.


In the upcoming episode, Thapki drives the scooter with only 5 minutes left for the competition to take place.