Bihaan Will Die! TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Bihaan Will Die! TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Thapki teaches dance to Suman and Preeti. They got tired and asked for water. Thapki goes to bring the water. Vasundra came there and asked what are you doing? You know this competition will like losing Vihaan and Thapi. Suman and Preeti say we will work hard and will win it.


On the other side, Vihaan was rehearsing with Kosi, Sanskara, John, and Naman. Kosi asked Vihaan why you are upset? Vihaan says nothing and he practices with Sanskara. Thapki came there and saw Vihaan and sanskara dances together. Sanskara got injured, and Vihaan holds her hand.

Kosi saw Thapki and smiles. Vihaan and Sankara saw Thapki and Vihaan left. Thapki came back with water and was thinking about Vihaan. She falls, and Suman and other picked her up. Vasundra says you are thinking about Vihaan’s right as he is against us but don’t forget that we are with you.

Thapki told Dadi that I need to be with Bihaan because of those people as they can do wrong with him. Next morning, dance competition started. Vihaan and Jaiswal family get on the stage, and they dance on the song “Ek Dusre Ke Waste.” Thapki and her family get shocked as Kosi stole their song.

Vasundra and Thapki decided to dance freely, and they started dancing on the song “Ganpati Bappa Maurya.” Thapki plays dhol and Bihaan smiles. Naman told Kosi that now we will loose, and we have to pack our bags. Kosi says I have already done the management and thinks how she removed the screws from the wooden stage.

Suddenly stage gets breaks, and Thapki and Pandey family have to stop their dance. Judges announced that Jaiswal family is a winner because Pandey family failed to complete the dance performance. The Lady says Pandey family still has a chance as the final competition will be tomorrow. Vihaan and Thapki look at each other.


In the upcoming episode, Naman will tell Kosi that they will kick Thapki out of house. Kosi says Bihaan’s kidney will be given to John and Bihaan will die.