Special Episode! TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th October 2016 Today Written Updates

Special Episode! TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th October 2016 Today Written Updates :- Colors TV most amazing entertaining program, Thapki Pyar Ki looks like a great interesting show, which gives the infinite voltage potential that gives to the Thapki Pyar Ki fans.



Thapki Pyar Ki 19th October 2016 Written Update

The complimentary TV series Thapki Pyar Ki even made to give goose bumps to the viewers with its never leaving the dilemma way and certainly the enormous crux of the program is to showcase in the new episodes that, Vasu tells that visarjan aarti will be finished by extraordinary part and requests that Vani does aarti and sing bhajan. Thapki tries to sing and stammers.

Where In the most recent episode, Bihaan tells Vasu that she is Thapki, however, don’t know why she is acting to be Vani. Vasu says we need to discover the explanation for her turn, and says your mom is with me.

Bihaan holds her hand. Vasu says we will discover together why she has ended up Vani. She says my little girl avoided me since 2 years. Thapki tells that she was far from Vasu for a long time, and lost her child moreover.

Dhruv says this is called the battle. He gives her quality and says you have made a major stride towards your thought process, by overcoming any issues amongst Shraddha and kosi.

He says they will assault on their connection huge. Thapki says it is hard to deceive Vasu. Vasu tells that Thapki’s truth will turn out tomorrow. Bihaan is resolved as well.

Following day, visitors get some information about Kosi. Shraddha calls Kosi. Kosi requests that her not call her from behind and reproves her. Shraddha advises her that she made juice for her.

Kosi expresses gratitude toward her and inquires as to why not remain like this dependable, and gets to be a witch now and again. An FB appears, Dhruv sees Kosi drinking juice and included chuna in the juice. Kosi solicits her to take mind from visitors and goes.

Shraddha requests that visitor sits and requests that he say what he needs to have. She calls Aditi and requests that he serve him. She presents Mr. Kapoor to Aditi and lets him know that Aditi will serve him whatever he needs.

Mr. Kapoor takes a gander at her. He gets some information about her name. Aditi says her name. Dhruv comes there. Shraddha comes and calls Dhruv to come inside. Dhruv runs with her. Aditi is strained. Mr. Kapoor gazes him.

Suman tells Vasu that they should start aarti. Kosi says 1 min and comes there. She holds the aarti and tries to sing the bhajan, yet she couldn’t sing. Mr. Kapoor asks Aditi where is washroom.

Aditi tells insist, I will take you. Vasu asks what happened to your voice, kosi. Preeti says it appears somebody has made her eat chuna or sindoor.

Kosi reviews Shraddha making her drink juice. Shraddha requests that Kosi not gazes her and says I didn’t include anything in juice.