#TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th October 2016 Written Updates! Thapki Tells Dhruv

#TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th October 2016 Written Updates! Thapki Tells Dhruv :- Colors TV the most entertaining marvelous program, Thapki Pyar Ki looks like an interesting popular show, which gives the constant voltage potential that changes to the Thapki Pyar Ki fans.


Thapki Pyar Ki 29th October 2016 Written Update

The impressive TV series Thapki Pyar Ki frequently made to give goose bumps to the eyewitnesses with its never wrong dilemma way and especially the significant crux of the program is to showcase in the big episodes that, Chacha ji gets back home and asks Kosi (Smita Singh) for what good reason did she abandon him. He supposes she is dead. Kosi gets up and asks when did I kick the bucket? He says he got a call. Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) tells Dhruv (Ankit Bathla) that she will demonstrate her purity and Kosi’s truth.

Where In the latest episode, Dadi and Vasu are talking. Vasu sees Sankara and asks what is in her grasp. Sankara wanted to murder Vani and planting wafers in the container to execute her.

Vasu requests that her show what is in it? Sankara declines to show it. Kosi comes, takes the case from her hand and sees squander material in it. She requests that her go.

Sankara thinks squander materials are just on top, and says it is Vani’s demise material. She puts saltines and makes a circle. She then conceals it with hues. Preeti and her significant other come there to observe Diwali.

Preeti is going to light the matchstick. Sankara is strained. She requests that Preeti, not light wafers there, and says if vani sees you, individuals, here then she may toss you out. Preeti concurs.

Sankara sends them to the posterior of the house to smolder wafers and believes Vani’s demise is certain today. Dhruv asks Thapki what was the deal? Thapki says she brought Diwali present for Aditi, yet she won’t take from her.

Dhruv says I will give her blessing from your side, and requests that her focus on her main goal. He requests that her call somebody. Thapki says she doesn’t know where did she keep the telephone. Dhruv says approve.

He comes to Aditi and gives her blessing saying somebody looks after her to such an extent. Aditi contemplates him and looks on. She hears wafers blasted and embraces Dhruv being frightened.

Shraddha happens to see Aditi embracing Dhruv and afterward chuckling with him. She gets envious and goes to her. She requests that how could you fly high and asks don’t you have the disgrace to embrace and giggle with him.

She points the finger at her for the affront by Vani and is going to slap her, yet Dhruv holds her hand. He says enough Shraddha. He says why you are getting rowdy with Aditi since few days. Shraddha says this young lady, Dhruv says she is relative and sister of Thapki.

He requests that her not act mischievously with Aditi again then he will advise her beginning and end to Vani. Shraddha is irate and goes.
Vasu gives back the keys to Thapki and gets some information about yourself. She says we are not manikins to move on your tune.

Thapki requests that her drink dilute to cool her outrage. Vasu tosses water glass and says if this thing was finished by my bahu then I would have finished connection with her.

Thapki says you would have shown her out. Vasu says I had done as such much for Thapki, however, she has destroyed them and offended the relations.