#TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd November 2016 Today Written Updates! Scorpion bite thapki

#TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd November 2016 Today Written Updates! Scorpion bite thapki :- The TV series THAPKI PYAR KI is yet to showcases now that Bihaan proposes Thapki by saying that on certain condition he can only marry to her which makes Thapki shocked and surprised. Bihaan turns the tables around on Thapki and puts forward certain conditions that she has to agree for their marriage to happen.



He asks Thapki to sign a legal agreement about the same. But, to his surprise, Thapki tears the agreement to shreds and burns it in front of him. Later, Bihaan is left speechless as Thapki gives him an ultimatum, engagement or face jail time!

The TV series Thapki Pyaar Ki further showcases that Kosi criticized Thapki in front of Vaani as she is not aware of it that Vaani is the Thapki and her criticism against Thapki actually makes Vaani fumes but she just looked on. Vaani gives gift to Kosi which makes Kosi just greedy and she praised Vaani.

When Bihaan’s Chacha want the gift for himself to Vaani, Vaani just insults her. Chacha Ji is now fuming on anger and he asked Kosi after Vaani left that how Vaani can humiliate him but Kosi asked Bihaan’s Chacha that right now we need to follow Vaani as she will be giving us money so just go for Vaani.

Aditi confesses her love for Dhruv and Dhruv looks surprised. She also asked Dhruv that still she loves him but she can’t differentiate between Shraddha and Dhruv anyway. Dhruv looks surprised.

Bihaan, on the other hand, asked to Vaani that Bihaan Pandey will not marry Vaani anyway as he also set some conditions to her which he said that she needs to follow. Vaani looks shocked and Bihaan also said that on the day of the Sagai Muhurat (Engagement time) he will not there to engaged with Vaani anyway whether the Muhurat will be for 5 minutes or 5 hours.

Sanskara planned something risky against Vaani to stop this engagement and she also planned to harm Vaani’s hands to stop this engagement.

Precap: Thapki and Bihaan are sitting for their engagement. Thapki puts her hand in a bowl and takes her hand immediately as if seems like something has been bitten in the hands of Vaani aka Thapki. Sanskara smirked on seeing that.