Thapki challenges Dhruv! Thapki Pyar Ki 17th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Thapki challenges Dhruv! Thapki Pyar Ki 17th July 2016 Episode Written Updates : Shraddha got to know that Thapki knows the truth about Dhruv and Dhruv continues to dominate her and gifts her earrings. She asks him about Bihaan as he promised, He says promises are meant to be broken. He reminds Thapki about the video and warns her if she tells him to anyone then he will leak this video. She regrets to believe him and says he is a really nasty guy. He says if she ever trusted him then they will be together.


Thapki Pyar Ki 17th July 2016 Written Updates

He thanks her for the date. Thapki is shattered. Dhruv plays the video that he recorded while the date and says this will be a perfect proof to ruin their relation and he will destroy them soon. Bihaan gains his consciousness and shouts for help. He tries to get out of it and got successful.

But due to the effect of Anesthetics powder, he still feels lunatic. Shraddha comes into the room and adds fuels to the fire she taunts her. She tells her that she knows his reality and offers her to help her as she wants to get her husband back. She asks to find him inside the house.a deal to save

Bihaan laid on the ground near cement mixture and falls faint. Due to the overflow of the cement in the mixture, he got buried in the cement soon. Shraddha tells her about the blades she mixed into the turmeric. They follow the blood marks and reaches to the water drum. Thapki recalls the drum incident and rushes towards the construction site. They find the drum empty.

They search for Bihaan. Thapki notices him buried in the cement. Thapki saves Bihaan, The family also reach there Bihaan gains his consciousness. Thapki hugs him and he tells about the incident to everyone.


Thapki challenges Dhruv to show the real date and outdares him to stop her if he can.