Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st November 2016 Written Updates! Thapki loses her balance

Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st November 2016 Written Updates! Thapki loses her balance :- Colors TV most suitable entertaining program, Thapki Pyaar Ki looks like a beautiful delightful show, which gives the immense voltage potential that takes to the Thapki Pyaar Ki fans.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st November 2016 Written Update

The extraordinary TV series Thapki Pyaar Ki repeatedly made to give goose bumps to the observers with its never slight dilemma way and changing , the continued crux of the show is to showcase in the new episodes that, YThapki sees her pregnancy report suffocating in the stream and gets in the water to get it. Kosi cautions her not to go further as the water is profound. Thapki loses her adjust and yells for offer assistance. Bihaan looks on stunned.
Where In the latest episode, Dhruv says Kosi was holding Pizza piece. Chacha says she halted me and requested that not eat. Kosi says she is tragic as Bihaan questioned on her. Bihaan says no, and says he came to called her for puja.

Dhruv solicits Bihaan to take mind from her. Shraddha calls Dhruv and requests that he return home, says she is feeling unwell. Dhruv says alright and thanks to messaging Vasu.

Shraddha supposes she needs to the sentiment with Dhruv and can administer on his cash, house, and family. She must be additional watchful.

Vasu advises her family that Dhruv went home. Thapki thinks to do puja some way or another for her child and takes a gander at her pregnancy report.

Bihaan comes there and lurches, Thapki conceals the paper in the face of her good faith, Bihaan looks dumbfounded. He inquires as to why she is looking tired when he is doing every one of the courses of action. Thapki requests that he focus on puja.

Bihaan says yes. They pick the same tokri. Bihaan requests that she abandon it. Thapki requests that he abandon it. They contend. Kosi tells Bihaan that Vani is helping her. Shraddha is sitting tight for Dhruv and supposes she will make him distraught, else she is not Shraddha.

She gets a call from somebody and tells that she will reimburse the advance sum soon. She does her makeup while talking and destroys her eye temples make up.

She gets strained seeing it, wipes it, however, she makes up riches promote. Aditi thinks to go to puja. Shraddha calls her. Aditi goes to Shraddha’s room and sees her make up glitch, snickers.

Shraddha requests that Aditi offers message to Dhruv that she will come in the wake of getting prepared, and says she has arranged a sentimental date with him, says they will get close today.

Aditi grins vanishes and she goes. Vasu, and Kosi, Thapki and others do the chhat puja on the banks of the waterway. A convention melody plays,

Dhruv gets back home and sees the sentimental atmosphere. He is very shocked, simply then he sees Aditi coming downstairs.He takes a gander at her and grins.

He asks where is Shraddha and gets some information about the plans. Aditi says I and swings to go. Dhruv holds her hand and pulls her nearer to him. Aditi looks on, Dhruv inquires as to why you are doing this?

Did I do any slip-up? Aditi says no, and requests that he abandon her hand, and says I would prefer not to get nearer to you. Dhruv inquires as to why? Does he inquire as to why have you done this? Aditi says in light of the fact that I adore you. Dhruv is stunned.