Kosi gets worried! TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Kosi gets worried! TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Thapki Pyaar Ki it has been shown that the frustrated with Thapki, Kosi decided to kill her as she thinks that till Thapki will be alive they can’t snatch Bihaan’s kidney from him.

Thapki Pyaar Ki Episode Written Updates

Thapki Pyaar Ki Episode Written Updates

Thapki Pyaar Ki Episode Written Updates

In the previous time, the doctor gives Kosi a medicine to be given to Bihaan which would help when they operate on him to get his kidneys. However, someone takes away the medicine that Kosi had left in Bihaan’s room.

Actually, it has been taken by Thapki by which Kosi failed to give medicine to Bihaan. Kosi is doubtful that Thapki can steal the same as she had an encounter with her when Kosi asked to her that if she is here to hide something from Kosi but Kosi said that she did not hide anything from Kosi.

Much before that Thapki asked to Bihaan to have the Nimbu Paani (Lemon Water) as the doctor stated that he is having less water in his body that is why he got faint. Bihaan take the water and about to have it but he fumes on anger when Thapki said something against of Kosi.

She asked to Bihaan that you go faint as you was with Kosi aunty but Bihaan interrupted her by saying that Kosi Maa was not with me, in fact I was with Kosi Maa. Bihaan is now too angry on Thapki, Thapki is busy seeking apology from her but Bihaan is in no mood to forgive her.

Thapki is sceptical of Kosi, so whenever she gets time she just spares Bihaan from Kosi, hence she also steals the medicine from Kosi which she was keen to feed to Bihaan. Preeti is also sceptical of Kosi.

Now the Pandey family has been seen doing Ganpati Puja and eventually Daadi also manages to make her free from the clutches of Kosi and Naman. And now Dadi is on her way to Pandeys in order to reveal the real intention of Kosi and Naman.

Precap: Kosi gets worried seeing Dadi. Naman also sees Dadi and Dadi arrive which makes both Kosi and Naman worried.