The Best Dance Ever, Strictly Come Dancing Movie Week

The Best Dance Ever, Strictly Come Dancing Movie Week : Well I think its quite interesting to know that the stylish, cool, master, flicky, trendy and amazing personality who made himself perfect by itself have picked the best for himself that he took himself in top 10. Then after that he took himself in a trio of nines along with having five points cleared with himself on top of the leaderboard. He did this great steps along with his partner Aliona Vilani.

The Best Dance Ever, Strictly Come Dancing Movie Week

The Best Dance Ever

The boost of today’s show is Jay McGuiness’s Pulp Fiction Jive, who ia just like the best of the show. Jay came at first with the help of his pro-partner Aliona Vilani who won the contest with a boyband member before, in McFly’s Harry Judd.

The result show is at 7.15 on sunday’s night i.e. on today so its time to tighten  up your seat belts and buckle up your socks for the most awaited and demanded result. The result of the show is featuring a high concept and the theme of the film is based on group dance from professionals and a performance by Italian Classical Tenor Andrea Bocelli.

A few latest tweets for the show are extremely inconsistent marking from judges this week.Why not revert to original format of everyone doing same dance? Surely fairer #strictly

— Emma Cresswell (@emcresswell) October 10, 2015

Jay is going to be outstanding by the end of this. I can sense it. He’s so full of joy and potential right now. #strictly

— LH ‘Daisy’ Johnson (@chaletfan) October 10, 2015

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