The eliminated gang Members! MTV Roadies X4 29th May 2016 Episode Hd Video

The eliminated gang Members! MTV Roadies X4 29th May 2016 Episode Hd Video : The stunt based reality TV show Roadies X4’s Journey is reached to its final stage and this one is very crucial and the very interesting part of the journey. Now in this journey, the all gang leaders and contestants having tough time to make their team winner but still they are doing so as they all want to emerge as the winner on the stunt based reality show MTV Roadies X4.


MTV Roadies X4 29th May 2016 Episode

On the last weekend in the special Survival task, we saw that one of the strong Contestant Yogesh had to face of the eviction from the most promising show MTV Roadies X4 and he did not fail to perform well in fact he did this bigger sacrifice for his team and the team members gives him huge accolades for the same.

Afterward the survival task, now one of the panel judge member Karan Kundra choose Shivangi who will be all set to perform in the next round of the TV stunt based reality show MTV Roadies X4 and Shivangi indeed perform very well and she completes her all the task.

But eventually Karan had to choose Shivangi for the further elimination from the show and gradually a new task introduced in the show which was a rescue operation Task and the task happened between Rannvijay’s and Neha’s Gang.

And both team whether it is Rannvijay’s team or Neha’s team both performed very well the stunt and now Rannvijay’s Team emerged as winner as his team won the Rescue Operation Task. After winning the same, they received immunity also and the team members enjoy their victory with their gang leader Ranvijay Singh.

This week the winner team going to have an extra power also which is the Winner Team Rannvijay having crucial extra power by which he can save one member from his Gang and by using this Rannvijay saved Rubal.

And then Anseela and Hifsa nominated for the eviction in the next week and then Anseela received maximum vote which wanted her to evicts from the show, thus she had to leave the show anyway.