The Great Khali Came Back from ICU took his Revenge and beat Brody Steel, Mike Knox & Apollo Leon

The Great Khali Came Back from ICU took his Revenge and beat Brody Steel, Mike Knox & Apollo Leon :- Well, famous Indian wrestler The Great Khali finally shows us what he is and why the people call him “the great”. The way he fought last Sunday night with his full power against three foreign wrestler:  Brody Steel, Mike Knox and Apollo Leon was incredible.


Before this fight in this last Wednesday these three foreign wrestlers become threat for Khali he beat him with chairs and tables and for that fight had to stop in mid.

Khali got very series injured by this even he got 6 Stitches in his head and  the great Khali Had to transferred from Haldwani to Dehradun Hospital and even doctor took him in ICU after seeing that fans got disappointed and they are wishing for a good comeback by The great Khali.

Khali received seven stitches on his head before being flown to the Uttarakhand capital, where he was kept under observation in the ICU and underwent many tests to know the severity and exact nature of his injuries.

Even doctor advise him to take rest and don’t go for fight in this Sunday but he refused that because he wanted to take revenge from these foreign wrestlers and for that he wanted to came in ring to beat them and he did that exactly same.

In this last Sunday Khali managed somehow his wining and beat these three wrestlers very badly in Dehradun and the way Khali took his revenge was incredible because he is very angry and he wanted to take revenge from all of these wrestles and he did it successfully

Even in the heavy rain Khali didn’t stop and beat this wrestlers very badly I think he is so furious about this fight that’s why he didn’t stop till he completed his revenge.

Brody Steel, Mike Knox and Apollo Leon all are good wrestlers but Khali shows them that he is the champion and put these wrestlers in very bad phase I think people are also hoping for this and they are praying for this from the day Khali got transferred to hospital by those three wrestlers.

After winning this fight The Great Khali won the championship and shows these wrestlers and all his fans that he is so powerful and can comeback any time he want. And that’s awesome news for the fans and audience.