The Kapil Sharma Show 24th September 2016 Episode Hd Video Guest Yuvraj Singh & Hazel Grace

The Kapil Sharma Show 24th September 2016 Episode Hd Video Guest Yuvraj Singh & Hazel Grace :- Comedy TV shows “The Kapil Sharma Show” took a break from having their, as usual, a set of high profile Bollywood stars as a special guest in the weekend. So now the show is having different people from the different background as those people has been seen speaking different topic of discussion.


This weekend the popular show will have cricketer Yuvraj Singh and stunning soon to be wife the model and actress Hazel Keech and the couple will be seen giving huge entertainment to the audience in this weekend. Yuvraj and Hazel are all set to tie the knot in this December.

The cricketer Yuvraj Singh, who will be seen on “The Kapil Sharma Show” with his fiancée Hazel Keech will be seen spreading huge humour and it will be surely tickling your funny bones when Yuvraj will be seen accidentally got married to actress Sumona Chakraborty who is onscreen Kapil Sharma’s wife.

Sumona, who plays Sarla in the show, will be coming here with having an agenda to get married to Yuvraj. And the wedding will already happen even before Yuvraaj could realise anything.

Sources from the set confirm that “The entire moment was hilarious. When Dr. Mashoor Gulati (Sunil Grover) saw Yuvraj in Kapil’s house, he invited him to inaugurate an MRI machine in his hospital. And when Yuvraj accepted his offer, he asked Sumona to welcome Yuvraj by exchanging garlands”.
“Kapil took objection to this, but Sarla somehow managed and even before Yuvraj knew she started behaving as his wife,” sources added further.

Sunil, who plays Sarla’s father in the show, also forced Yuvraj to tie the knot with his wife for that “Sunil asked Yuvraj to do all the marriage rituals,” the source said.

Kapil Sharma will be seen shaking legs with Hazel on the stage of “The Kapil Sharma Show” and Yuvraaj will be also seen cheering with them anyway. During the wedding ceremony between Yuvraaj and Sumona in that time, Sunil Grover goofs around on the stage of “The Kapil Sharma Show”.