The Kapil Sharma Show Saina Nehwal Special Guest 14th May 2016 Episode hd Video

The Kapil Sharma Show Saina Nehwal Special Guest 14th May 2016 Episode hd Video :- The sport person Saina Nehwal is back to silver screen for the second time and this time too she appeared on the promising comical TV show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. The show is touted to be the iconic comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Saina has made us all proud at a very young age and indeed she is a bright sportsperson, but despite that Saina feels that for the ‘Rio’ Olympics 2016 she needed to have a visit on the ‘The Kapil Sharma’s Show’.

The Kapil Sharma Show

As per report, Saina Nehwal is making her dazzling appearance in the show in order to secure good luck for her as Miss. Nehwal thinks that, the stand up comedian Kapil Sahrma is lucky for her and if she meet and greet with him, it will be securing huge luck for her.

The sport woman called Kapil as her lucky Juju. The last time when Saina arrived on the show before the china open title, eventually, she became the first Indian woman to win the title. Although it must be Saina’s hard work and dedication but it would be amazing if she will be coming in the show as it will be blissful for her fans then and she will be having loads of blessed from her elderly fans.

Saina seemed to be having lot of fun at the show with her parents along with Kapil & his team. She looks tremendously beautiful in a Baby Pink & Baby Blue combination gown. The news of her appearances goes viral on the social site and the internet.

Saina has stepped up her style game every since she gained success and we must say that apart from being a successful badminton player, she also incredibly carry her like a princess and her attire looks beautiful on her. No wonder why, Saina consider Kapil as her lucky charm as everybody loves him anyway.

So don’t forget to catch this amazing episode of the ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ tonight at 9:00 PM only the entertaining channel Sony TV.