The murder case of 58-year-old was the result of taunts over late marriage

The murder of Ganesh Kolatkar four months ago who was the 58 year old man was a consequence of a fight that was started over his friend’s taunts relating to his late marriage.


  • The murder took place four months ago
  • The accused has been arrested by the police
  • The victim was on the verge of getting married

Police said that Ganesh’s friend Pintu Sharma, 40, who is also the accused had put in Rs 1 lakh in Ganesh’s printing business, but on the other hand, the partnership did not last for long. Afterward, Ganesh pay back Rs 40,000 to Pintu Sharma.

Though, Ganesh struggled to return the left over Rs 60,000 after which his friend started taunting him.

Later in the month of January, the police detained Pintu Sharma for apparently killing Ganesh. The police filed a charge sheet of 700-page under the Sections 302 (Murder) as well as 201 (Destroying Evidence) of Indian Penal Code (IPC).

As per to the charge sheet, Ganesh and Sharma come across on January 16 at the latter’s leased house in Bachraj apartment in Virar West when Sharma all over again taunted him over getting married so late, which led to a fight in the middle of the two.

According to the report by Mumbai Mirror, Sharma often told Ganesh, “Return my Rs 60,000 before thinking of getting married.”

The accused was under arrest for apparently killing Ganesh, cutting his body and flushing down toilet, the report further added.

The police charge sheet in addition point out that Sharma knocked Ganesh’s head on the floor saying: “Buddhe, pehle mere Rs 60,000 wapas kar, aur phir shaadi ke baare mein soch (Old man, first give me back my Rs 60,000 and then think about getting married).”

Sharma then apparently pulled Ganesh to the bathroom and cut his body into a number of pieces with the use of a hexa blade, after which he flushed several of his body parts down the toilet and threw away the skull and bones in Bhayander creek.

Police said that the charge sheet was filed on the source of CCTV footage as well as by the call records of the two. The DNA report of the casualty is yet to be made.

The charge sheet also revealed in addition that the accused, in order to chop Ganesh’s body, used up nearly two days with the corpse chopping the body and eliminating the flesh from the bones.

As per to the CCTV footage which was taken from the society showed that Ganesh and Sharma coming inside the building with cold drink bottles, but the former might not be seen leaving the building.

As per to a police officer who told the media, “We have chargesheeted the accused and there is sufficient evidence to prove that he has committed the crime. Though the DNA matching report of the victim is yet to come, we have recovered the victim’s ring from his rented flat.”