The perfect sequel to an epic story Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The perfect sequel to an epic story Harry Potter and the Cursed Child : The magic, wizards, and mysteries that what Harry Porter book series is all about. Since from its very first installment, it has been the childhood of an individual.


The excitement to get the books, the thrill to know the mystery and the adrenal flow while getting the climax of the books has made all the previous series of Harry Porter. And we all were eagerly waiting for the eight installments of the Harry Porter Book series.

But now, the most awaited 8 installments of the Harry Porter book series will create the fears in the heart of you . This new book of Harry Porter is titled as Harry Porter and the cursed child. This book will make you take your fear and excitement to dizzying heights to gift you the magic, just like the previous seven edition of this book series has done.

The Harry Porter and the cursed child will take the fans back to all those days of the scary and lighted Hobart’s with it’s dancing staircases, where all the actions began in the majestic corridors of Ministry of Magic, to the green expanse of the Quidditch field.

And all these will take you down to he memory lane of your childhood. This series of Harry porter will start the hunt again and will take down to the remnants of the past threatening to irreparably alter the present and a new villain will start his hunt for his opposition.

Although, the new evil dogs are not revealed his identity till the second part of the play. Meanwhile, the story of this new series of Harry Porter’s will not conclude Albus, Scorpius, and even Harry and that clearly means there will be no hero in this book.

The credit for this book must go to the trio of JK Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne and together they created a beautiful drama of 330 page.

The Harry Poter and cursed child’s story revolves around the three unlikely friends and how they all get connected with each other because of their families history. The story is the perfect combination of past, present, and future except the three children and will reflect how the thread between them got connected.

In the eight installments, the muddled relationship between Harry and Albus occupies a bit of conflict. The intense relation between them shows flashes of annoyance and heated, which has mostly left a moment in the mind of the fans.

There were other prospects too and in the end, the light force emerges from the darkness of evil and Harry tells Albus that ” “The part of me that was Voldemort died a long time ago, but it wasn’t enough to be physically rid of him, I had to be mentally rid of them,”

The Cursed Child is simply the yearning for more on Hogwarts and its teenage drama. Although this is a new part of Harry Porter but you guys will definitely love the every bit of it and will plunge you into the depths of the world you’ve loved in your childhood.