The Show Ended on a happy moments! Dehleez 27th June 2016 Episode Hd Video

The Show Ended on a happy moments! Dehleez 27th June 2016 Episode Hd Video :- The judge exempts Assad from all the charges and asks the government to recommend Assad’s name for Bravery Award. Then he asks about the proves found during the raid. Swadheenta requests Manohar to say something regarding this. Manohar confesses in front of the court that all the evidence found were all pre-planned as to cover up the system’s mistake. Also, The minister was also involved in the plan.


The judge held to commence an inquiry about Manohar and the minister and also, he removes all the charges against Haider. Suhasini praises Swadheenta to prove the truth. They went to Assad’s grave to pay a tribute to him. Haider also visits to pay him a tribute. People all around the city also visited there.

Haider shows his pride in Assad’s name. The afternoon award ceremony held Assad reputable for his bravery. Haider takes the award and dedicates that award to Swadheenta as only she proves him innocent and fights with her family too. He urges Swadheenta to come and accept the award.

Suhasini asks her to go and Swadheenta says that she has learned the meaning of love and family in a Muslim family as she was born in Hindus but raised in a Muslim family. Suhasini and Manohar apologize Haider and Zubeda.

He apologizes to suspect them as this also harm their relations too. He says not only Abhay but also Assad is a martyred son of the country. Suhasini says Swadheenta was right we start predicting about people with their religion. They hug each other.

Simi apologizes Swadheenta as she insulted her and Assad many times with harsh words. Jaya asks Swadheenta to come back since everything is all right but she refuses.

Swadheenta came along with Adarsh and Suhasini welcomes them warmly and Swadheenta follows all the rituals of a daughter-in-law.