The speech of John Dramani Mahama

The President John Dramani Mahama pointed out that his meeting in the UN, that occurred recently, is the pointer of dominance and success of Ghana. By the way, he mentioned that the whole world support Ghanaians. As reported at Yen News, the main theme was “Sustainable Development Goals”.

John Dramani Mahama AT United Nations

The President told how respectful he was of it. Mr. Mahama is sure that his presence as a co-chairman gives Ghana the opportunity to engage more external deposits, which will help to raise the economic development. By the way, Ghana’s people are supposed to have more working places.

John Dramani Mahama Waving HandsHe also said that the “Sustainable Development Goals” are planned to be achieved to 2030. As reported at, John Dramani Mahama added that his position shows the growth of Ghana in the international world and it means that they had chosen the greatest course for increasing the country’s level.