Watch #TVIK The Voice India Kids 2nd October 2016 Hd Video Performances Baba Ramdev Special Guest

Watch #TVIK The Voice India Kids 2nd October 2016 Hd Video Performances Baba Ramdev Special Guest :- The kids based singing reality show The Voice India Kids is all set to welcome the Yog Guru Baba Ramdev tonight who will be seen teaches yoga to kids on the set of the singing reality show ‘The Voice India Kids’.


The Spiritual leader Baba Ramdev will be seen imparting some valuable Yoga tips to the contestants of The Voice India Kids in the tonight episode of the show. With the competition getting fierce, the contestants have been experiencing high level of stress now and Baba Ramdev will be seen giving them tips to experiences stress buster by which they can experiences only good singing and techniques.

He will be teaching Pranayama, Kapal bharti exercises and a special throat exercise to perform better. Vishwaprasad Ganagi who is from Team Neeti will be seen challenging Baba Ramdev as he is in practices of Yoga for long time.

Though the coaches will shun Vishwaprasad, Baba Ramdev will be seen taking up the challenge to prove himself better than the best. The kid along with Baba will be seen doing Adho Mukha Vrakshasan pose. Post which Baba Ramdev would be challenging him to do another Yoga asana but Vishwaprasad wouldn’t be able to do the challenge and he will be fail.

Shekhar Ravijani stated to media about the arrival of Baba Ramdev in the singing reality show “The Voice India Kids” and he stated to media that, “Baba ji came on the show and made all of us do yoga. The contestants felt so relaxed & fresh after it. We could actually feel that in their performance which was amazing”.

Regarding giving stress-busting tips to the aspiring young singers, who are seen on the show “The Voice India Kids” Baba Ramdev stated to media that, “I am very happy that I am on ‘The Voice India Kids’. I would like to advise the kids to do yoga every morning. This will help to sharpen their talent”.

Singer Shaan stated to media about Baba Ramdev and his appearance that, “He is known for his yoga and I often follow him. I am happy that he has imparted yoga tips related to stress and voice development to the contestants”.