Watch #TVIK The Voice India Kids 8th October 2016 Hd Video Shanmukha & Ridipta Eliminated

Watch #TVIK The Voice India Kids 8th October 2016 Hd Video Shanmukha & Ridipta Eliminated :- The singing reality shows “The Voice India Kids” participants’ are battling like a true warrior style. So it will be just really difficult for the panel judge team and the for the audiences to choose the perfect singers’ of the show but still, every week contestants’ are just getting evicted.


This week we will be seeing that Shanmukha Priya and Ridipta Sharma will be have to leave the stage of the show as per the audiences points.

Elimination does break hearts, but still these young girls are just having positive attitude towards their journey of the future. Shanmukha who actually steals the heart with her singing of ‘Kill Dill’ in the blind auditions stated to media that, “I will be focusing on studies at the moment. However, singing will always be a priority but not at the cost of education. I will practise more and hopefully, will become a successful playback singer one day”.

Ridipta from Assam says, “I am back home now and life is as it was before. I am focusing on studies now, while music will always remain a priority”. It is showing the positive attitude she is having.

“I learnt how to perform in front of the camera and live audience. This has helped me to overcome stage fear”, Ridipta added further.

“They have guided me on this show with a promise to help me in all ways possible otherwise as well. I hope I get to work with them in the future”, the young girl stated to the media.

Both Shanmukha and Ridipta admit to having received fame through the reality show but they will not going to miss the fame and name they are having. They will be missing their co friends from the show as well as the panel judges’ team who actually teaches them lot of things about the music.

Ridipta is just overwhelmed to complete such a long journey in the musical TV reality show “The Voice India Kids” and also touted it as her memorable journey anyway.