This is the reason why Aamir has Replaced Hrithik Roshan in “Thug”

This is the reason why Aamir has Replaced Hrithik Roshan in “Thug” :A while ago there were speculations that Aamir is going to replace Hrithik in Thug. The reason behind that was as tough as a Rubik cube to solve? But guys now that reason has been revealed and we have a few of details about the replacement or we could say about the walk out of Hrithik from the film. A month back all the Megastars signed an exclusive deal with the TV Networks that includes Hrithik who signed a deal for Rs. 550 crores. This exclusive deal could be a reason for his exit from Aditya Chopra’s directorial Thug.


As per the clauses of the agreement, all the actors who signed the deal, their films’ satellite rights are sold to that channel for a set amount and a specific period of which any of the actors are bound, not to sign any other film.

A source close to the star says,

“Hrithik has made a deal with Star TV for the exclusive privilege of premiering and broadcasting of all his films releasing in 2017. While Hrithik had brokered this deal himself, sometimes a production house and a TV network do it too for specific films or a certain number of films as a package. In Aditya Chopra’s case, he has brokered a deal with a rival TV channel, Sony, for the films produced by his banner.”

This was also happened with Salman Khan while he signed Sultan, But in his case YRF give the satellite rights of the film to the Dabangg star, While here for Hrithik Roshan’s Thug, Director of the film Aditya Chopra wanted to pay him off with a sum of amount, but is not allowed to give him the satellite rights of the film as he rather wanted to stick to his own agreement with Sony TV. This annoyed Mohenjo Daro Star who was convinced about sticking to his own commitment.

Says a source,

“His stand was if Salman got his satellite rights, why not me? It was a matter of principle and he couldn’t understand why the differentiation. Once Hrithik walked off, Aamir was approached as he doesn’t take satellite rights, only a fee and back-end of the profits.”