This Young Graffiti Artist is putting Delhi on Berlin’s street

This Young Graffiti Artist is putting Delhi on Berlin’s street : Graffiti and street art may be considered a nuisance by many but now slowly it is to be considered in our society. Kajal Singh is the one of the first females for doing such a graffiti and street art. she has been blessed with a God gifted with a skill of the street art. She made a history for doing wonderful work.


She has been icons for Girls. She shows that girls can do works in every field. She borns in a family, where creativity is valued and nurtured. She believes that her talent is of blood because her mother is always encouraged for her, her mother is the painter and her  brother budding graffiti artist. Since childhood art classes art competition has been the best part of her life.

Kajal Singh is a hip-hop dancer. an avid painter and fitness blogger.


As you know that graffiti is still in many countries. Many artists do their work but keep their identity secrets. Kajal Singh is one of the girl in India who get fame from her hard work, she said

“Actually dizzy means mad, and I thought to be the first graffiti girl in India was crazy, so I just kept it Dizzy with a single ‘z’!”

Kajal Singh is self-obsessed and crazy about her work. she is a responsible artist. she does not take more without taking competing previous work. Even she have to delay her work for few day, or months.

Now a days she also finds that people who live in the rural area are  more attracts from graffiti as compared to urban area. She thinks that street art is quite new for India, now people are excepting this art in India.According to her


“Indians don’t think of graffiti as a menace the way some other countries do because it’s a novel experience for them to see a whole wall covered in bright colours and art. In Europe, it’s not new anymore and not many people see graffiti as art or appreciate it.”

Kajal Singh is now popular in Berlin by making her street painting on the walls, bridges and  railway bridges.  Her  street art  all over the walls of Berlin and now  she becomes a  part of the underground graffiti scene in several European cities. Thanks to her graffiti, now  hope soon we will also see graffiti in the cities of India.