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Three Hundred Himalayan Yaks Starve to Death from Severe Cold Winter Weather

Three Hundred Himalayan Yaks Starve to Death from Severe Cold Winter Weather: On Sunday Indian officials said that at least 300 yaks starved to death in a isolated Himalayan valley after a bout of bizarrely severe winter weather. As per to the officials in the northeastern state of Sikkim said that they received the first distress call from about 50 people cut off in the isolated Mukuthang Valley in the month of December.

Next to which, after a very heavy snowfall the inhabitants requested for help providing feed for their herd of about 1,500 yaks, a source of local milk, milk products, transportation as well as wool.

Local official Raj Kumar Yadav told to a news agency, “We made several attempts to reach them but couldn’t. No roads or air transport could reach there because of the weather conditions. We reached there now and have already confirmed at least 300 yak deaths.”

Yadav further added, “The local families say that 500 yaks have died because of starvation. We are trying to confirm that. Around 50 yaks are also receiving urgent medical attention.”

There were total numbers of three hundred Himalayan yaks who starve to death from abnormally cold winter weather. Yaks are one of the backbones of the region’s tourism-dependent economy.

A small number of yaks die for the reason that of extreme conditions in the region every single year, but the authorities say that this year’s numbers is extreme and unmatched, also this is the first time that something like this happened and that too in vast range.

The animal husbandry department’s medical team has also reached Mukuthang. The team carried feedstuff and fodder for the yaks which are still alive, he said and also further added taht the yaks will also be inspected by the medical team.

Yadav also further added, “The weather was too harsh. One heavy spell of snowfall in December was followed by even more snowfall and even the grass didn’t grow. They died because of both cold and starvation.”

The specialists are making schedules to bury the dead yaks and assist local families in the valley, about 70 kilometres (45 miles) from state capital Gangtok.

The domestic yak is basically found all over the Himalayan region of the Indian subcontinent, the Tibetan Plateau as well as far north as Mongolia and Russia.

The yaks belonged to total number of 15 families in Mukuthang as well as 10 families in Yumthang,as per to the officials.

All the families who got affected will get compensations on the basis of a report that is being set up by the district administration and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, Yadav further added.