Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor is not Promoting Baaghi together!!

Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor is not Promoting Baaghi together!! : Baaghi actors doing their hard to promote the movie and now after this news that the both of these actors are not going to promote movie together it become great news for the media that why both of these don’t wanna work together.


Well, after a long time when The Kapil Sharma hits back on the TV everybody got excited and started talking about it and even in first day the TRP of the Channel was so high and that shows became show popular again and that proved the comedy king is Kapil Sharma well also after giving first episode with SRK Kapil is looking so excited because of the Baaghi team going to came up in the Show.

But after the show don’t know what went wrong and both of these actors got in bit misunderstanding and now both of these Tiger Shroff and Shraddha is not promoting the Baaghi together well the news is not confirmed now but I think this true because sources also saying that both of these actors had bit misunderstanding after the show.

Well, the reason of misunderstanding is not out now also we can’t say that it is true or not but if I believe in sources than I can say that both of these actors going to be in Different-2 places for the promotion also I think they both going to be in different place because they wanted to promote a lot the movie.

Well, In the end I can’t say that what is going on between the two actors of Baaghi maybe this could be a promotion stunt well we can’t judge them now and that is true that after that news they both going to get the attraction of people and I am sure that news can help in Promotion.

Because right now it become important to do these type of Publicity stunt because in the end that make any movie good or bad well whatever happened I know that people are not fool they going to understand that also if this misunderstanding is real than I am going to update you soon.