Tim McGraw And Faith Hill NOT Adopting Baby Boy, Son

Well, from a lot of time sources saying that Tim and Faith Hill both adopting a boy as a anniversary occasion but this news is totally fake they are not adopting a boy to make their anniversary big.

A “Magazine” said that “From long time both of these country singer trying to adopting a son and work is in progress even they did their most of legal activates and finally in couple of week they both going to make this happen well Tim is looking so excited about that news as well as Faith too”.


Also Sources saying that they are not getting younger and that’s the reason they wanted to have a son also they have three teenage daughters and only a son is missing from their family after that they going to complete their good and happy family.Tim’s mother also wanted a grandson she said that it’s plenty of money and love now all they want is a son who can make them happy.

But now these country singer announced that they are not adopting a son because they are happy with the sweet littile family also they sad that whatever people saying was wrong and nothing but just a rumor.

Well, after this news published in magazine everybody started talking about these famous couple some giving wishes and some saying that this is good step but now couple cleared that they didn’t even think about it also they don’t wanted to take this type of action and this is totally true.

This Magazine published a lot of articles like that before saying some untrue shits and that is one of the big publicity stunt from the magazine I think some time ago when it manufactured an inaccurate claim about Taylor Swift flirting with McGraw and being told by Hill to “stay away.”

And I think that is not what people want also sources saying that this couple said this is wrong news before the publication but publisher didn’t heard and publish this un true news!!! Tim said in angry mood “stay away” and that shows his anger about the publication.

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