Tips for Health Care in Summer

While summer could be relaxing and treat, it also comes with is own problems like dehydration, irritation due to heat, sweat, tanning, sunburn.

In this article I’m going to share with you some tips that will help you to cope with these problems.

1. Keep Water Bottle (Always)

You should always keep a water bottle with you during summer days. And better keep a good looking and trendy bottle which you can take away with you wherever you go. Always keep it within your reach and drink water from time to time.

You can also set an alarm to remind yourself of drinking water. But drinking just water is not going to be beneficial for you. You should drink pure water always which is free from any harmful bacteria or viruses and also contain the minerals.

Let’s face it, nowadays water from municipal water supply is not usually 100% pure. Infact, it is purified using chlorine which forms harmful chlorine by-products which is potentially harmful for your health. And if you use borewell water, it is most likely high TDS water, which is also harmful for health. That’s why investing in a water purifier is always a good idea for your and your family’s health. Here’s the list of the best water purifiers in India

2. Cool Down

Always carry a face mist wherever you step out in the afternoons. Now face mist is not just water it contains goodness of herbs extracts which will help to cool down your face and prevents from potential sunburn.

3. Taking Advantage of Tasty Drinks

The things I like about summer includes the tasty and healthy drinks that we only get or should I say enjoy during hot summer days like the legendary Lassi, pineapple juice and different kinds of shakes.

Really summer has to offer something for everybody, whether that is fun chocolate shake for children or old refreshing Lassi for adults.

And how can i forget the satisfying Masala Chaas.

We should take advantage of these drinks and try to have it as much as possible.

It not only helps to cool down our body and but also drinks like Masala Chaas and Lassi helps for digestion which is very critical as you may have experienced during summer days our digestive system a kinda slows down.

4. Consume more Vitamins

Consumption of vitamin A and vitamin C can help to prevent sunburn. The good thing is that during summer there are a lot of fruits rich in vitamin A and vitamin C easily available.

Mango is considered as the richest source of vitamin A among fruits. And it is usually available during summer only.

Other fruits rich in vitamin C includes Grapes, Papaya, Watermelon, Guava etc. The fruits containing vitamin C includes Papaya, Lemon, orange, Guava, Kiwi, Lychee etc. Also drinking Nimbu-sharbat (Lemon water drink) is very beneficial for the body.

5. Use Sunglasses

Summer and sunglasses go hand in hand. They not only protects our eyes from harmful UV rays of sunlight but also works as a stylish accessory. Our eyes are sensitive so is the area around our eyes and our eyelids. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause damage to these sensitive areas. It can even cause cancer in worst case.

Sunglasses also protects our eyes from sand and dust. The tiny particles of sand and dust can scratch the surface of our eyes and damage it. If you had any surgery related to eyes then it is very critical for you to use sunglasses.

Besides sunglasses also serve as a fashion accessory, it is the fun reason to wear the sunglasses.

6. Hydrate Your Body

Summer tips are incomplete without water and hydration. It is very important to hydrate your body during summer and you should drink as much water as you can.

Everybody knows it. But how to do it???

Drinking water is boring. But there are some interesting ways and tricks which can help you to drink more water like drinking infused water.

Infused water is just a fancy name. Basically it means you cut down some pieces of your favourite fruits or even vegetables (if you like) and add them into water, let it soak for some time (usually 10-30 min) and there you go, the Infused water recipe is ready. This recipe not only keeps you hydrated but also provides you the goodness of fruits and vegetables.

I hope you will find these tips helpful. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Happy Summer!!!