To My Father Who Hasn’t Spoken With Me In The Past Six Months – For Shaming Him In The Society

To My Father Who Hasn’t Spoken With Me In The Past Six Months – For Shaming Him In The Society : Hey everyone, today this article carries a new story for all the readers. Today’s story is based on a daughter,who sacrifices all her life, because her father make her to do this. The whole story of the girl’s struggle is given below, go through this article to know more.

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Dar Dad,

I was always an obedient daughter. I always did things you asked me to do, most of the time at least. I have taken your ridicules laughingly despite feeling the pain your words caused me every single time. It wasn’t the easiest to live with you for most of my lifetime but what you decided for me later on was worse dad. I’m yet to understand why a father would do such a thing. How could you.

What did I do so wrong? I even shut my mouth to go ahead with your decision but you expected me to live my whole life like that? You stopped talking to me because I decided to live my life my way as I grew older.

Dad, do you remember when mom, sister and I were washing clothes from early morning and you were waiting for lunch to be cooked on time. I managed to cook the lunch but there was no chutney that day – I was very tired.

And then you ridiculed me — “Why, does making chutney get you so tired?”

Dad, when all three women of the house were washing the week’s cloths, you could have stepped in and cooked for all of us. But you didn’t. I forgave you for forgetting that we’re also human sometimes. Then why couldn’t you forgive me just to live my life on my terms. Instead of helping us, you preferred to shake your legs and read the ten newspapers that you bought every Saturday. You chose to educate yourself while we drowned ourselves in the pool of home chores.

We never said No. We forgave you. Then why couldn’t you.

There’s another incident that I can remind you of. You were supposed to take me to circus that day. You promised to take me. I was all ready for you to come back from office and then we’d go out. You came back and then, you had tea and you switched on your television – yes it was YOUR television. I sat in front of you, all dressed up to go to circus with my dear father – but you lay down and slept. I wept the whole evening away. You didn’t even notice, I didn’t hold a grudge because I love you.

Dad, I know things weren’t so easy. And I wasn’t an easy child either. But you never tried me. I wanted to study English, I know I would’ve been doing so much better today with it but you made me study Engineering – in which I struggled for years and finally gave up. I went back to studying English. I wasted a few years of my life to make you happy but never complained.

Dad, I seldom asked you to drop me to college – it was on your way to office. But you’d be so angry. So I stopped asking. But I am your daughter, you have a responsibility. I felt like saying this so many times but every time I built up the courage to come up to you, the stern look in your eyes always held me back. I had started to use a little make up like any other girl in college, nothing extraordinary – a slight lipstick, a little hairstyle, a little kajal – you never liked it. One day, I used Boroplus – it smelled good. And the moment I came out of the house, you screamed at me for using a perfume to go to college. Dad, it was a cream, an antiseptic cream which fortunately/unfortunately smelled too good to me. I still find that smell soothing. I still use it at times. Sorry.

And then Dad, you had me married off. I wanted to go abroad for my higher studies; you said you didn’t have money. I get it. But you had money for my marriage and I asked you to give me that money for my education, you refused. I had everything ready except the bank statement that I needed, you never signed the papers for the bank statement and left me stranded in that filthy government bank. Instead, I was dolled up and married off. I didn’t utter a word. Despite all my apprehensions, I got married with the man you chose for me. I met him – there was nothing for me to say. He was already chosen. I went with him to a new place to start a new life. In a way, I wanted to go away from you, Dad.

But I didn’t know you had chosen another YOU for me. What did I do so wrong dad. Really, what.

The married life was the same because you chose a man who was just like you. Lazy, conceited and too boring. Life continued as it was. I was not allowed to study, not allowed to work, not allowed to think for myself – it was always him and his family. I ceased to exist and Dad, you wouldn’t care. You never cared but I forgave you. You never asked me how were things. You never asked me if I was alright there.

You always told me that I am married and I should not do anything that would shame him in the society. And then I did it, I shamed you, not him.

I left that man you chose for me. I left him, his money, his status. I live alone now and I am happy. But Dad, I miss you. You haven’t spoken with me since I left his house. I swear the intention wasn’t to bring shame to our family, the intention was to live. But I miss you.

The truth is Dad that I did not shame you; I only came out of a hell where I would have died had I stayed back.

But, I love you Dad and I miss you terribly. Sorry for everything and I forgive you.

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