Today Apple Forgets To Celebrate The iPod’s 15th Birthday

Today Apple Forgets To Celebrate The iPod’s 15th Birthday :- Apple forgets the most creative innovation celebration, While today is the iPod’s 15th birthday. However Apple, the iPod’s own father. There is neither reporter announced and also no tweet from Tim Cook and further no tweet from the Apple comptroller account, either Apple Music or Apple Guide also .


Although, Steve Jobs is too involved unless executing with the tech sponsors in future happiness to sign, either trapped in a ring of trial where the shots are fired by Galaxy Note 7s, sobbing for his beloved iPod.

According to from the history of iPod : The iPod is a line of convenient media players and multi-reason stash PCs planned and showcased by Apple Inc. The principal form was discharged on October 23, 2001, around 9 months after iTunes was discharged.


The latest iPod overhauls were reported on July 15, 2015. There are three current forms of the iPod. Like other computerized music players, iPods can serve as outside information stockpiling gadgets.

Capacity limit changes by model, going from 2 GB for the iPod Shuffle to 128 GB for the iPod Touch. Mac’s iTunes programming can be utilized to exchange music, and photographs, also recordings, and recreations, with contact data, and email settings, also Web bookmarks, and logbooks.

Apple yet performs the iPod touch, and nano plus shuffle, simply no longer records it on its website. In 2015, the company declared it would stop announcing its iPod businesses.


Already the satisfaction and pleasure of Apple, the iPod has presently been isolated on the land of old tech. It’s a clashing birthday for the iPod, she’s so near being dead it feels like Apple is keeping her in a coma. The slightest the organization could do is demonstrate her some regard. We have connected with help Apple to remember its girl’s birthday and will upgrade the story on the off chance that we get a reaction.