Today Bihaan & Thapki Marriage! Thapki pyar ki 22nd June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Today Bihaan & Thapki Marriage! Thapki pyar ki 22nd June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Bua Ji happy for the Thapki and finally tell all the family member to end all questions and everyone concentrates on me, And said, Doing the again married off the Bihaan and Thapki with all rule and ceremonial way.

Thapki Pyar Ki

Thapki pyar ki Episode Written Updates

Before this news , Where Shraddha going in the kitchen and getting the slip on the flat surface for the blast than Thapki quickly catch her and tell Shraddha , Are you okay and get up right now. than doctor are came and said , It’s too much dangers for her shraddha only take bed rest, not for any work, where Thapki and Vashundha thing about that blast how can it possible and than Bihaan came here and said , that green thread was the person behind that blast and Bua Ji said to Bihan , what is the green thread and Bihaan said to Bua Ji , Bua Ji its was the cracker bomb thread and it’s the reason for harmful for the Shraddha but now there is no harm .

Bihaan says , How can You do this Shraddha and I know your think , you wanna going to harm for Thapki but it’s safe. But Vashundhra says to Bihaan , What your problem you know she is pregnant how can she do it . Then the doctor says Vashundhera maybe you are wrong and I check all the pregnancy test were found it she is not pregnant and after this news everyone is shocked .

Then Thapki says , Why are you do this shraddha , I know your drama but I was not sure and now it confirmed , shraddha says you the reason behind this , fastly you break the trust Dhurav, Bihaan, Vashundhra, and Dadi emotions if I created a drama that’s not a big deal.
Vashundhra slept to Shraddha and tell her to shame on you and Bua Ji also tell shraddha to get out from the Pandey Nivaas but Dhurv stops Shraddha.