Today Epic Episode! Dehleez 7th June 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Today Epic Episode! Dehleez 7th June 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- Dehleez new episode start with the Adarsh where the Adarsh asking for the inspector and he want’s the proof to hanged the Haider . Than the Inspector sure for the Adarsh he’s already hearing that information in which decried the Haider was Hanged and Swadheenta looks on.Dehleez

than Adarsh see her and leaves that. After that Swadheenta wants’s a whole document of the Haider’s from the inspector . than Inspector says to look for the Mrs. Sinha… and She says my name is Swadheenta Ramakrishnan, for the Haider Gilani’s lawyer….

On the other side , Swadheenta says to Asad seems like a sound sleepy, and then he left us.after than Mamu kisses on the Asad’s forehead. Then he moves to Asad and asking him for getting up for me. but He tells Swadheenta that Asad is no more and never get up .

Swadheenta hugs Mamu and getting crying for Asad. where in front of her Asad is buried? Mamu loudly called the Asad’s words and then cry.

On the other way where Jaidev asks for Adarsh to come and Adarsh says till now the Abhay’s murder does not getting punished,
and Manohar hugs him and said: yes Haider was hanged and he dies. Than Mamu is going back to the police van.

where the Ahuja talking with Suhasini and says that Abhay was happy, and Abhay told me that to teach to his baby, include English, then why Abhay leave and how is Simmi. Suhasini says about Simmi is fine, after that Doctor said there is no tension related ti it . Then Jaya comes fast and asking for the doctor that how’s is . Suhasini says to the Simmi fine.