Today Epic Task! MTV Splitsvilla 9 17th July 2016 Episode Video Fight Sunny Leone

Today Epic Task! MTV Splitsvilla 9 17th July 2016 Episode Video Fight Sunny Leone :- In the love based TV reality show MTV Splitsvilla 9 seems like the Queen Martina’s legacy will continue in the villa; as this week also she received to dump her teammates after winning the title of the MTV Splitsvilla 9.

Martina’s legacy

This weekend Martina will be seen sending Shreeradhe, Rajnandini & Mayuri in dumping zone so it is crystal clear among them a single participant will be evicted from the show MTV Splitsvilla 9.

Boys in the villa are safe this time as Martina did not send any boy on the dumping zone. So which princess will have to leave MTV Splitsvilla 9 this is the crux of the tonight episode of the show.

Afterward last night the show witness a powerful episode now, this time, the girls get a golden chance to dethrone Queen Martina Thariyan so it will be a full-on celebration episode although they fail to dethrone Martina.

The girls were having the golden bracelet but still they fail to decide that whom they want to vote out among these 3 girls including Shreeradhe, Rajnandini & Mayuri.

Since the three princesses – Kavya, Shreeradhe and Isha couldn’t decide among themselves, boys got the power to decide and the maximum vote went against Shreeradhe and then have to handover her golden bracelet.

The boys also give the nod to princess Martina when she decided to throw out Isha from the dumping zone but other girls did not give positive feedback for that same. The anchor of the show Ranvijay Singha and Sunny Leone also did not like Martina’s decision.

And both anchor celebrities’ has been seen criticising the theory and decision of Martina but due to she has again achieved the name queen she is having the power to do anything.

So the ladies of the Villa has been seen giving some tags during their Smash Tag task and seems like Martina will never forget those tags. Don’t forget to catch these all actions tonight on the love based show MTV Splitsvilla 9 tonight at 7:00 PM.