Today is National Sports Day: A birth anniversary of Dhyan Chand

Well, you all may know that today is National Sports Day of India, a day which is highly underestimated by the people of India. Everybody wants a medal on the Olympics or Asian Games but no one is willing to prepare or support their kids for that, just because it doesn’t give you a secure future. Now we can blame the government for it, as we are doing or the old mentality of people, but as a youngster, no one is willing to take responsibility. You know players are still doing their hard work, and not all of them are losing their dreams.

You all should know that the National Sports Day is celebrated every year today on 29th August. This day is special because today is the birth anniversary of Indian hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand. Also, we have seen that our On Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid his tributes to one of the greatest field hockey players of all time and urged people to give priorities to sports and fitness-related activities. We should start giving attention to the sports not because of the sake of medal, but for the health and benefits of it.

Also, you all may know that on this day Arjuna and Khel Ratna awards are conferred by the President of India to celebrate the achievements of exceptional athletes in the country.  You all can see that this year the date has been postponed to September 25 so the Indian athletes could return from Asian Games 2018 taking place in Indonesia. This day is special because the magician of the Hockey field Dhyan Chand had such an aura that even Adolf Hitler offered him money to play for Germany.

You all should know that he did a lot of hard work and has won three Olympic gold medals during the time Indian hockey was the most dominant. A lot of players, Political Leaders, Celebs, and Public Figure paid their tribute to Dhyan Chand. On the other hand, real India is sleeping or flowing the same race where we don’t give a damn about sports.

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