Today Last Episode Sesha Fights Starts! Naagin 5th June 2016 Written Updates

Today Last Episode Sesha Fights Starts! Naagin 5th June 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the supernatural turn horror TV series Naagin started with Yogi Raj asked to Shivanya that she has success to bring Kali Maa on the earth with her Puja. Now Shivanya starts dancing in front of Kali Maa’s idol and Yogi Raj and Sadhus pray and play Damroo behind. Eventually, Rithik also joins her and he started dancing now the Sadhus also dance, gradually, Shivanya picks Trishul and she revolves around.

Naagin Written Updates

Naagin Written Updates

Naagin 5th June 2016 Written Updates

Now Yamini is very happy and she thinks that Shesha will be killing Shivanaaya and she will be having the Naag Maani. Yamini’s kids Angad, Amrita and Neha try to explain the importance of the relationship to Yamini and also Angad raise the question that how she can think to kill Rithvik, Rithvik is her own son.

Amrita also asked to Yamini that how she can think to kill Shivanaaya Bhabhi, she is always there for the Raheja family, Yamini says Rithvik is not their real brother. Angad asked to Yamini that relationship needs love and when Yamini asked to him that after killing Rithvik, we will be having the Naag Maani and we will be became rich then.
But Angad asked to Yamini that they do not need money by killing the relationship of being brother hood and for them Rithvik is more important than money and the three kids of Yamini pledge to her that please don’t go there.

But Yamini threatened them if they try to prevent her then she will be shooting herself and now she locked Angad, Amrita and Neha in a room. And now Yamini rushes towards to go somewhere. In the mean time, now when Yamini reached temple she try to take help from Shesha to see that Shesha now turn in to a stone.

But Yamini now attack on Rithvik repeatedly and she asked Shivanaaya to stop the Puja but Rithvik denied her to do so.

Shivanaaya prayed to the Kaali Maa to come in the earth in order to abolished the evil and now Kaali Maa come into Shivanaaya and she kill Yamini now and also Rithvik makes her calm down as Rithvik being her husband only can do so.

Shesha now warn to Shivanaaya that she will be killing her and Rithvik also decides to end his life with Sangram Sigh to regain the power of the Shivanaaya to her and Rithvik also decides to comeback but now he need to protect the Naag Maani. Now Shivanaaya shocked to see that Rithvik has gone somewhere and Sangram Singh is already dead.
Now Rithik decides to fight with the Mahishmatis as a Suryavanshi to protect Nagmani as otherwise Mahishmatis is going to support Shesha in order to harm Shivanaaya on this Mouni Amavasya day.

Precap: Rithik asked to Shivanya that Mahishmatis are coming. She says let them come and now Shivanaaya’s fight with Sesha starts.