Today Major Twist! Dehleez 17th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Today Major Twist! Dehleez 17th June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Yash gives an idea to Manohar that If Allan affirms that Haider and Assad are terrorists then the case will be in their favor. He agrees. The media show Allan’s confession in which he states that Haider has connections with him for many years. Swadheenta and Zubeda watch the News. Arvind is happy as his whole word is done by other and he is clean now.

Dehleez Episode Written updates

Dehleez Episode Written updates

Dehleez Episode Written updates

Suhasini reads the News to Manohar who pretends innocent in front of him. Suhasini suspects his statement. Adarsh asks Swadheenta if now she admits the truth. Swadheenta says he is lying. Adarsh tries to convince her to accept the truth that Haider is a culprit.

Swadheenta asks Zubeda about Haider and Allan’s meeting. Zubeda asks her to leave the case. She takes her to her old house. A crowd is gathered there. Swadheenta enters the house.

The army got some evidence against Haider.  Swadheenta thanked Adarsh as this has made her more confident. The media asks Zubeda and Swadheenta about this raid. They don’t say anything.

Swadheenta remembers how she uses those places and she knows them very well. This raid has made her more confident to fight back.

Swadheenta is working on the case till midnight. Next morning, Jaya serves breakfast. Swadheenta wants to serve but everyone ignores her. Suhasini asks her not to make breakfast from now as she felt bad when everyone ignores her. She says she is just doing her duty. Suhasini calls her for Breakfast. She asks what she thinks now? Swadheenta replies She was convinced but this raid has made her confident. She now completely believes that someone is fooling us to prove Haider and Assad a culprit.


Swadheenta tells Media that someone is fooling you and proving Haider and Assad a culprit purposely. Adarsh asks Jaydev why he doesn’t tell him about the enquiry against Haider.