Today Nagin 26th December 2015 Episode Shesha To Captures By Guru Maa

Today Nagin 26th December 2015 Episode Shesha To Captures By Guru Maa : The horror TV serial “Nagin” turns out to be full thrilling these days in which Shivanaaya decides to seek revenge from her enemies. Anyway in last night episode we saw that Shivanaaya finally killed Suri by tricking and she also succeed to bring Suri in the temple. Shesha also support Shivanaaya. Meanwhile, the entire Raheja family appeared in the same spot and they are now in search for Suri. Meenakshi is waiting for Suri by the way and when Meenakshi discuss about it with Ankush Raheja, Ankush Raheja decides to search. Ritwik search for Suri and to the Raheja family that Suri is missing.

Today Nagin 26th December 2015 Episode Shesha To Captures By Guru Maa

Nagin 26th December 2015 Episode

Yamini says that they all now need to go to the Guru Maa’s for Yagna. But about this Ritik says Suri is missing, that does not mean they should be superstitious. Shivanya also worry that her truth will be comes out if she go to the Guru Maa. Yamini says guru Maa is giving protection to their family but still she is worried about her family. Ritik says he will accompany only for her. She smiles.

Shivanya goes to her room to get ready. Meanwhile, Sesha comes there and says whatever they try; they cannot escape from them both. Rithik comes and Shesha leaves. Ritik tries to wear unsuccessfully. Shivanya laughs seeing that. Ritwik need to wear Dhothi but he doesn’t know says she knows to tie dhoti. He asks to help. She tries and he jokes. After some dilly-dally Shivanaaya tie Dhothi to Ritwik.

Meanwhile, Shesha appear in form of Shivananya and offered some Kheer to Ritwik. Ritwik firstly avoid eating Kheer but eventually Ritwik have the Kheer. But nobody knew about it that Shesha mix poison on the Kheer which actually eaten by Ritwik and Ritwik get faint after having that.

Shivanaaya didn’t know anything about it so Shivanaaya literally had fight with Shesha. But Shesha said that she did this for the betterment of Shivanaaya.Shivanaaya is angry with Shesha as Ritwik himself is also enemy’s son and should die.

In tonight episode it will be shown that Shesha will be coming in front of Raheja family who is performing Puja, disturb them in form of Sadhvi in order to interrupt the Puja of Gurumaa (Kamalika Guha Thakurta) at her cave. But Gurumaa will be tracing everything.

And literally Sesha will receive a major hindrances’ when Gurumaa will stop her from playing her game.