Today Sofia Hayat Special Guest! Comedy Nights Bachao 11th June 2016 Episode Hd Video

Today Sofia Hayat Special Guest! Comedy Nights Bachao 11th June 2016 Episode Hd Video :- The celebrity Sofia Hayat who now became a nun, so the ‘Mother’ Sofia Hayat is all set to makes a grand appearance on the one of the popular show ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’, and her appearance is all set to showcase tonight on the comical show.


Comedy Nights Bachao 11th June 2016 Episode

The Glam doll Sofia Hayat, who is known for her outlandish outfits and moves, recently shocked everyone when she transformed herself into a nun, but to have some quality time with her fans, the Mother Sofia Hayat decides to make a public appearance.

And when anybody can think about the public appearance then nothing can be better than the Comedy Night Bachao as the show gives the chance to the celebrities to have an encounter with their fans.

We all know that the Sofia Hayat’s all fans are excited to catch her in the comical show, at the same time, fans are in shocked to see her in the in this Avatar.

When she will be making her appearance in the comical show, her fans will be getting to know many things about the actress anyway. As in one hand she will be having a public encounter with the audiences and her fans, and she will be also having a huge blasting of the laughter.

And now Sofia is all set to make a public appearance as Gaia Mother Sofia, on popular show Comedy Nights Bachao. The former model and Bigg Boss contestant donned the same white gown which she clad when turned into a nun, and she appear here in without make up. But what was interesting, was she grooved and showcased some killer moves as she made her entry into the show in grand manner!

Sofia Hayat is making her appearance in the show with the item girls including, Shefali Zariawala and Rakhi Sawant and Sofia Hayat also shares her feelings about coming in the show and via her instagram posts, “So I wore a long T-shirt under the kameez because it was see through. Just as well, I didn’t care what it looked like 🙂 Ahh gone are the days when after each break on a shoot, my hair and makeup artist ran up to me and retouched my face and hair. I felt so free as I watched others having the usual worries about a shiny face on set! See me with no makeup and no cares…free from the prison of makeup and worrying about what I look like. Also everyone on set were just beautiful hearts…especially one Rakhi Sawant, when you watch the show you will see why. Huge heart that one.