Today Special Episode! Krishandasi 22nd July 2016 Written Updates

Today Special Episode! Krishandasi 22nd July 2016 Written Updates :- This shows stars with Aradhya coming to rescues Aryan who was tied with rope. Both got their eyes locked and Aryan asked Aradhya that why you are here? She replied that to save you.


Soon, after that villager came there and warned Aradhya to not open the rope of Aryan but Damini came there and asked the villagers to stop this madness.

She also told them that you can’t make a window a Krishandasi. Villagers replied that she is characterless and we will do whatever we will feel right about this.

Then, Police came there and fight between the villagers and Police force got started. Meanwhile, Aradhya and Aryan were conversing that they need to evacuate Sharavani else villagers will make her dev dashi.

Meanwhile, she got hurt in the fight and Aryan came to rescue her but she told him to save Sharavani. Kumuduni came in the fight and told the villagers that it is a sin to make a window a dev dashi.

Villagers left but promised that they will come back for the revenge. Sharavani worry and told Aryan and Aradhya that they all will come back for the revenge against me?

But Aradhya calmed her down and comforted her that n can dare to touch her. Meanwhile, reporters were taunting against the Kumudani and were blaming her for making a window a Dev Dashi.

But Aryan and Aradhya calmed down the whole situation and told that the whole situation is under control.

On the other side, Kumudni started blaming Aradhya and told her that you must have done something wrong with my grandson Aryan.

But Aryan told Kumudni that Aradhya has saved all of us life as she had brought the police.

Meanwhile, Sharavani was a bit concerned about her but Aryan told her that she will leave in our house.

Aradhya tried to stop Aryan but he went away. Then, Gayatri asked Aradhya that is there any danger for Aryan?

Aradhya replied that Damini is searching but I need to take a side for him. Gayatri told Aradhya that Aryan is very lucky to have you as your wife.

Aradhya replied her that, but Aryan is not talking with me and I need to do something special if I have to keep our relation alive.

Then Sharvani asked Aradhya What I Will do after this? My villagers are very dangerous and they will come for me.

Aradhya calmed her down and asked her to trust Aryan and told her that Aryan is a nice guy and he will protect her from every bad action. Aryan was listening all these talks.

Then Aradhya went into the Aryan’s rooms for taking aid box and son, Aryan reached there and asked her hate what she is doing here?

Aradhya told her that she was there just to take aid box as she was hurt. And then, she started gaining the attention of Aryan.

Meanwhile, Kumudni asks his husband to make his understand that he is inviting problem by keeping Shrivashani here.

But he refuses and told her that Aryan is doing a right thing. Well, but Kumudni told Aryan that I will throw this girl out of my house.

Aryan told her that she is my responsibility and I have to keep her out of the problem.

Sharavani listened to all these conversations and warned Kumuduni that if she will take her to become Dev Dashi, then she will file a complaint against his son Aryan.

Then, Kumudni thinks about protecting his son.


In the upcoming episode, fans will see that Sharavani calls someone and will be seen telling him that ” now look how I will make his life worse as I have entered his life as an evil and now see how I will dance in his life and then, she will dance like a maniac.