Today Swaragini 8th December 2015 Episode Written Updates

Today Swaragini 8th December 2015 Episode Written Updates : The drama of Ragini’s kidnapping unfold last night in the telly soap “Swaragini” and it is unveils that it is actually Uttara is behind all these things. Uttara confess her crime in the last night episode but still she did not reveals that Lakshay was behind the actual plan. Uttara confess total crime on herself even she accepted Lakshay’s guilt and said that she did so as she hate Ragini from the core of her heart. The fact became the entire Maheshwari house angry as well astounds.

Today Swaragini 8th December 2015 Episode Written Updates

Swaragini 8th December 2015 Episode

For this Badi Maa slaps Uttara which didn’t liked by her mom. Eventually, Ragini’s Dadi Maa enters in the house and she insults the Maheshwari house people in which Sujata raised her voice in support of her daughter Uttara.

But Durga Prasad Maheshwari say sorry to the Dadima of Ragini and decides that we won’t call police it’s ok but Ragini have full right to punished Uttara in which cried Ragini said she will not punished Uttara. Swara is still unable to believe that it is individual plan of Uttara to kidnap Ragini.

Sujata still unable to believes so because Uttara is too young for kidnapping Ragini. Now the thing is Swara also getting agreed with Sujata and she meets with Lakshay to find out who supports Uttara to do so. Lakshay who is the actual culprit and still it is not reveals that he is behind the master plan is muted about it.

In tonight episode it will be shown that Annapurna will be getting heart-attack somehow and meanwhile the life of Annapurna is totally depends on Ragini’s hand. Suddenly, Ragini’s Dadi arrives and she will be asking Durga Prasad to hand over his total property and house key in the Ragini’s hands.