Today’s Shocking Episode Kaala Teeka 6th September 2016 Written Update

Today’s Shocking Episode Kaala Teeka 6th September 2016 Written Update : Zee TV enormously available enjoyable program, Kaala Teeka looks like a high delightful show, which gives the enormous voltage potential that moves to the Kaala Teeka followers.

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Kaala Teeka 6th September 2016 Written Update

The fabulous TV series Kaala Teeka continuously made to give goose bumps to the viewers with its never ending dilemma progress and directly the great crux of the program is to showcase in the up-to-date episodes that, Gauri (Fenil Umrigar) crashes her car with a shooting set and She gets out and tells I am sorry for that. After that, The man tells don’t come here and This dog is remarkably aggressive. Then he nearly killed his master’s baby and Gauri questions how old was the child? He tells three years and Gauri tells wherever he almost killed a three-year-old.

Actually, Gauri tells to Leela hit that Kali out of this home and Vishwa tells Kali won’t go where. She will survive here like a family member except her memory is back and Kali squeezes and kisses Naina.

Where In the last episode, Vishwa tells why are you in a confuse? Then Yug tells, whenever she recalls the man, we can get him jailed for the attempt of murder and Manjiri answers, of course. Vishwa is afraid.

Where In the latest episode, Gauri impacts her auto with a shooting set. She turns out and says I am sad. The man says don’t come here. This puppy is truly forceful.

He just about slaughtered his lord’s tyke. Gauri asks how old was the youngster? He says three years. Gauri says in the event that he practically executed a three-year-old.

A one month child would be nothing for him to kill. He will eat her. kali says to Manjiri Vishwa was so terrified. Manjiri says we need to exploit that apprehension.

Yug and Ma ji inquired as to yourself, I said despite everything you black out. Vishwa would come to inquire as to yourself too. Vishwa looks in. Kali sees him. Kali says Manji maa I let you know child father attempted to execute me.

He will have a go at doing this once more. Kindly hear me out he pushed me. Manjiri slaps her and says how could you blame my better half for something to that effect. you ought to have thought 100 times. Why would it be a good idea for me to trust you?

The fact of the matter is before me. Kali says I am not lying. Manjiri says he got you wedded to Yug. When you were reprimanded for murdering Gauri’s tyke he spared you. He was there for you. Kali says that was all dramatization.

Manjiri says you are putting charges on somebody like him. Disgrace on you. Kali blacks out once more. Vishwa says thank you for trusting me. Manjiri says don’t’ say that.

I am supporting reality. It requires the investment to become acquainted with reality and we don’t have the foggiest idea about that. Imagine a scenario in which she says all that before the family.

Furthermore, imagine a scenario where they trust her. Vishwa says what if we do in a circumstance like this. Manjiri says there is one arrangement. Bargain?

Vishwa says what bargain? Manjiri says trust in the arrival of quiet? We will give her trust and purchase her quiet so she doesn’t say anything to anybody.

Vishwa says would she concur? Manjiri says we will make her. Everybody knows her mental solidness, who might believe her? Vishwa says as you say.