TOI New Controversy Kate Middleton’s Marlyn Monroe Flak Front Page Story!

After Deepika Padukone Cleavage Controversy TOI Faces FLAK For Kate Middleton’s Marlyn Monroe Front Page Story! Well, it’s been long time since TOI trapped in controversy and now it’s again become main reason of controversy after the after Deepika Padukone cleavage controversy, the publication made Kate Middleton’s Marlyn Monroe moment a front page news like always expected by these famous publication and Now this is not the first time that one of the biggest media house in India has come under the public scanner.

Kate Middleton’s Marlyn Monroe Front at India Gate

Kate Middleton’s Marlyn Monroe Front at India Gate

Deepika is not only one who trapped in this type of controversy few time before we found that Priyanka also trapped and that type of controversy maybe can be the big news for the Channels or media but some time people took this type of news more than news and exactly that happen today when Twitter just started trending against TOI. The front page news on the Duchess of Cambridge OOPS moment was way too sensationalised.

What when you wake up at the morning at took news paper and all you see is this type of news on the news paper even in the front page of the paper exactly that happens in the case of this news and after that news published suddenly everybody talking about that news.

After that news pops up suddenly people talking about the way media stands up for that type of news even here lot of things to cover and probably Now we understand that certain pictures do make for interesting stories, but the key is to know where to draw the line. And going by the occasion and the event that Kate and Prince Williams were there for TOI clearly missed the point. Kate and William were at India Gate to pay respect to soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the country at Amar Jawan Jyoti. However, the whole thing was dumbed down to this one picture.