Terminix Report: Be careful while visiting 25 cities in the U.S

Terminix Report: Be careful while visiting 25 cities in the U.S: All the travellers and explorer all around the world who are planning to visit US or are already in the US, please take note, there are risk of sleeping in some of the cities in the US, with various small creepy insects around your bed as compared to other cities.

List of the Top 25 Most Bed Bug-Infested Cities

The United States is a large industry for tourism that assists more than millions of international and domestic tourists every year. People all around the world from various different countries visit the U.S. to see natural wonders, historic landmarks, cities, and entertainment sites and locations.

Festive season in the US such as Thanksgiving and Christmas brings out the travel season for the people all around the world. This is the best season for the foreigners to visit the US and explore their festival along with its environmental as well as architectural beauty.

But along with this excitement of travelling brings out some serious concern. Pest control company Terminix has revealed a ranking list of 25 top bed-bug infested cities in the US. The list was composed by the data which was collected on the bases of Terminix services which was rendered between 1st October 2017 and 30th September 2018, at 300 locations across the US.

According to Terminix, “Terminix experts advise that, contrary to their name, bed bugs can be found in many household places in addition to bedding, including upholstered furniture, in curtain rods or even behind baseboards. These pests can easily hitchhike from place to place by crawling into personal belongings such as jackets, purses and luggage. As Americans travel for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, they should be aware of the increased potential for bed bugs to join them on their journey through airports, mass transit, hotels and rental vehicles.”

According to their results, Cleveland got the first ranking in the list of top 25 bed bug infested cities. Travellers who are heading towards Cleveland must insure to throw back the covers of their beds in the hotel and check for the blood-sucking bugs before jumping in.

Bed bugs are small, oval-shaped, reddish brown wingless bugs that feed on human blood. Bed bugs are basically most active at the night and their bites can cause number of health issues including skin rashes and allergic symptoms. They are very hard to spot directly because of their tiny size and skin colour, so if you want to spot them look for their signs of presence such as their skins and blood spots on mattresses or covers.

If you think you have come in contact with the bed bugs then call a pest control company immediately as they can increase their number in less time without even your knowing. Pack all your clothes, bed sheets, or any other items that you think may have contact with the bugs and launder them with special bug repellent solutions.

These are the names of the bed-bug infested cities in the US if you are planning to go out there then you must take adequate measures in order to protect yourself from these tiny but dangerous blood sucking insects.

Terminix Report: Top 25 Bed Bug Cities:

  1. Cleveland
  2. Philadelphia
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Indianapolis
  5. Cincinnati
  6. Dallas-Fort Worth
  7. New York
  8. Columbus, Ohio
  9. Houston
  10. Dayton, Ohio
  11. Louis
  12. Chicago
  13. Detroit
  14. Atlanta
  15. San Francisco
  16. Baltimore
  17. Tampa, Fla.
  18. Washington, D.C.
  19. Louisville, Ky.
  20. Phoenix
  21. Nashville, Tenn.
  22. Pittsburgh
  23. Memphis, Tenn.
  24. Boston
  25. Denver