Top 5 Electric Two-wheelers At Auto Expo 2018 | Coming in India | Features & Images

Top 5 Electric Two-wheelers At Auto Expo 2018 | Coming in India | Features & Images: – An electric vehicle (EVs) is now regarded as talk of the town and this Electric vehicles issue catches plenty of eyeballs at the Auto Expo 2018.

Top 5 Electric Two-wheelers At Auto Expo 2018  Coming in India  Features & Images

This is so the government is pushing for electric bikes and cars, so it seems like in this 2018 we can see or witness massive action at the 2018 Auto Expo – and we will be literally going to happy to see the actions. Top 10 Bikes at Auto Expo

From cruisers to superbike-rivaling motorcycles, there are some fascinating electric vehicles that are all set to be showcased in the coming days and let see which is going to important ones out for you.

Top 5 Electric Two-wheelers At Auto Expo 2018

1). UM Renegade Thor

UM, Motorcycles launched its first electric two-wheeler in India at the 2018 Auto Expo – this is known as the Renegade Thor. Continue with this true to the Renegade’s DNA, the Thor is regarded as the cruiser, too, albeit an electric one.

UM Renegade Thor

With a Rs 9.9-lakh price tag, it is going to occur to be the most expensive electric motorcycle that is all set to come in the sale from this year in India. Upcoming Bikes in India 2018

The style and body of this Thor are like a type of a cruiser with flowing lines and dollops of chrome. It’s only when you will witness the electric motor placed under the faux fuel tank that you figure out it’s an electric bike.

Powering the Thor is a 30kW motor that produces 70Nm of torque. The Thor is also going to be the first electric cruiser in the world that will feature a 5-speed gearbox.

As per the UM, the 5-speed gearbox (with a belt drive) that will reduce the load on the power plant, that is going to be beneficial in increasing the range of the bike. UM said that the Thor has a 270km range, 180kph top speed and 80 percent of the battery can be charged in 40min and it will be also going to be the fast charger.

Bookings for the Thor will be going to begin from this April and deliveries will start by the end-2018.

2). Twenty Two Motors Flow

Twenty-Two Motors unveiled this as its first electric scooter in India, which is regarded as the Flow. Powering the Flow is a 2.1kW electric motor which is all set to deliver 90Nm of torque.

Twenty Two Motors Flow

This is going to enable it to reach a top speed of 60kph that Flow has been priced at Rs 74,740 and all set to manufactured at Twenty Two Motors’ production facility in Rajasthan.

It is consists of an app-based geo-fencing security, that will alert the owner if the vehicle travels beyond the defined geographical boundaries – while also it will be providing the option to immobilize this particular vehicle.

This Flow tips the scale at 85kg and gets a Lithium-ion Battery that can be fully charged in five hours, delivering an 80km range. Though, there is an option by which people can carry an additional battery that will effectively double its range to 160km.

This is also getting features like a reverse gear, cruise control, a hill assist system, a drag function (to help push during a puncture) and regenerative braking.

3). TVS Creon

TVS added to its list of impressive concepts that is regarded as the Creon electric scooter. The Creon – that is all set to share the stage with the Zeppelin cruiser – can be regarded as the TVS’ first step in the electric scooter space, given that it wears the bike maker’s legendary racing DNA on its sleeve.

TVS Creon

The first thing which is going to catch our attention is the sporty and sleek styling of this bike, with sleek LED lights and dynamic LED indicators on the apron. If we see the bike properly then we can also go to notice details like the TFT screen, aluminum perimeter frame and diamond-cut alloy wheels, which can make the Creon look stunning and gorgeous.

Powering the Creon is a 12kW electric motor that is good enough to propel the Creon from 0-60kmph in 5.1 seconds that is claimed the range of 80km. This can also go to have a fast charging option that tops-up 80 percent of the battery in just an hour.

For connectivity, TVs already make alliances partnered with the intel; the Creon features Cloud connectivity, three riding modes, regenerative braking, park assist, GPS, geo-fencing, and safety/anti-theft features.

In addition, it gets a smartphone charger and under-seat storage which will be going to accommodate a full-face helmet. There is also a features this automobile gadget is having that is the disc brake, at either end and gets single-channel ABS. This is complete, for a concept, right?

4). Emflux One

At the Auto Expo 2018, leading the charge of electric two-wheelers, regarding its performance, it was the Emflux One. Emflux said that the One is the performance equivalent of a middleweight sports bike. This statement is also supporting the claim which is another one – how about a 0-100kph dash in 3sec and a top speed of 200kph?

Emflux One

These figures are said for the version kitted out with the optional (and lighter) carbon-fiber panels. This is going to be powered by a 60kW motor that will be produced 84Nm and claimed city range of 200km.

Highway range stands at 150km when ridden at 80kph. The battery pack itself is air-cooled that is consists of the battery cells and this is developed by Samsung. Fast charging is available with a 0-80 percent charge completing in 1hr 15min.

This bike will be displayed at the Auto Expo is a prototype and the production bike is all set to unveil on 2019, and the deliveries are all set to begin April 2019.

The Emflux One is having the priced at Rs 6 lakh and that is going to available in three variants. The bike also features a 7.0-inch TFT screen that displays real-time diagnostics and GPS. There’s also an HD camera that can record the rides.

5). Honda PCX Electric

Post the PCX scooter will be displayed at the 2016 Auto Expo, Honda now the PCX electric get limelight at its pavilion. Regarding the style of this automobile gadget, the PCX electric looks akin to its conventionally-powered sibling and this gadget is also an attractive one.

Honda PCX Electric

The 0.98kW electric motor has been developed by Honda in-house that is strictly based on the feedback of the four-wheeler electric vehicle division.

There is a fascinating feature which is the battery pack used to power the batteries are detachable and the rider can increase the range of the scooter. There is a provision to carry two extra power packs that can be stored under the seat.

This can bless with some features an all-LED headlight and a fully digital LCD instrument console.

Honda is also decided to launch the PCX electric in select Asian markets that are heavily and highly unlikely that Honda can come in India also.