Top 5 sniper rifles in PUBG: Check Damage, Range, Recoil and Hit Rate

Top 5 sniper rifles in PUBG: Check Damage, Range, Recoil and Hit Rate: PUBG (Player Unknowns Battleground) has become a trending game and is being played all across the globe. PUBG has plenty guns which are marvellous in their own way. Every player has its favourite guns and every player knows that which guns could help him/her to win the game.

Top 5 sniper rifles & Guns in PUBG Mobile Game

PUBG has Designated Marksmen Rifles (DMRs) and sniper rifles categorized in different classifications. The snipers and DMRs share magazines, Check pads, muzzle mods and all the scopes in the game. PUBG also has Pistols, Sub-Machine guns, Assault rifles, etc. in its guns collection.

Today, we will be providing you the top 5 ranking of sniper rifles and DMRs according to their hit rate, range, recoil and damages.


1. AWM

It is the most powerful gun in PUBG. It could give you a kill from a distant range. It has a damage of 120. The gun is meant for one shot kill, it means a single headshot can give you a crate but if the target has armour of 3rd level and the fired bullet hits him other than the head, then the target will lose more than half of his health but will survive the shot somehow.

The gun also has 0.300 mm magnum rounds which can only be accessed through loot crates or air drops. It has a very long range but has a drawback that once a bullet fired, the gun takes much time on reload.


2. M24

The gun on rank 2 is very powerful and vicious gun and is much preferred by most of the players in PUBG. Earlier, it was very difficult to find the M24. It was only found in the air drops or loot crates but now it has been added to the maps and is feasible at some places. Carrying a damage of 79 and high range, this bolt action sniper has magazine of 5 bullets which can be extended to 7 bullets. It takes 1.800 second between every shot.


3. Karabiner 98 Kurz

It is a classic bolt-action rifle and a vintage weapon. It is fatal when the opposite player is wearing level 2nd helmet. For level 2 helmet, it gives one shot kill but if the target is wearing level 3 helmet and his health is above 85% then it would not give one shot kill. Karb has a damage of 75. Its magazine size is 5. The major drawback in this sniper rifle is that it takes much time in reloading.


4. Mk14 EBR

A DMR weapon and is only found in airdrops. The EBR stands for ‘Enhanced Battle Rifle’. It is the bigger version of SKS. It has ability to switch to automatic fire mode. Having higher recoil limits, low magazine capacity and lengthy reload time, the user has to have a steady aim to shoot from this gun. The bipod stand reduces the recoil. It has a damage of 61 and has adjacent rapid fire of 0.090 seconds shots after shots. Its magazine carries 10 bullets in a round and could be extended to 20. It also has high range hits. Its maximum hit is between o to 120 metres and the minimum damage is between 400 to 488 metres.


5. SLR

SLR is a classic self-loading rifle in the DMR weapon category. It is more powerful weapon than SKS. It is a semi-automatic long battle rifle. It carries ammo of 7.62mm.  It does not have any foregrips attachment so, requires user to have steady hands and aim while shooting. It has a damage of 58 and range between 100 and 500. It takes 0.100 second between every fire. Its magazine size is 10 and can be extended to 20 bullets.