Top Corporate Retreat Ideas

Top Corporate Retreat Ideas : Corporate retreats are a permanent feature in the annual office calendar nowadays. These are all-expense paid events, where individual departments or sometimes the entire office head to an off-site location for a few days. Some companies also host the families of the employees at such events. Although the idea of going to a distant location with office colleagues and friends sounds exciting, more often than not, these events take a very formal turn, leaving the employees more exhausted than entertained. How about taking a break from the routine and instead plan an out of the box retreat session that is fun and memorable for the employees. Here are some suggestions –

Host the event at a Spa Resort or Wellness Retreat

Motivation and team building are big agendas for corporate retreat sessions. Let this year’s theme be “wellness”. Book a spa resort at a wellness retreat, to ensure a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for your employees. This will express a company's appreciation towards hardworking employees as well as keep them motivated to work hard.

Look for a resort that offers meditation sessions. Scientific studies have indicated that mindfulness and meditation is a great tool to relieve stress, anxiety and improves cognitive functioning. And with the kind of hectic work schedules in most corporate offices, a session at the spa is an excellent idea.

Plan an Adventure Activity

The workforce of many modern day offices is young and vibrant. So, instead of hosting the event at a hotel, plan an outdoor adventure activity. These activities could include camping, mountaineering or trekking in the woods. There are several camping sites that can be booked in advance. If you are looking for a day event, a visit to an obstacle course to a nearby place is also an excellent idea. The obstacle course is typically a military activity which is designed to test the fitness level of soldiers. However, there are many facilities that offer obstacle course experience to civilians.

Although a physically demanding activity, obstacle course can be a great event. Some courses are designed to develop team building techniques and confidence. It can be an excellent motivational tool and will give a sense of  chievement to individuals who attempt or complete the course successfully.

A Visit to Golf Club & Resort

Golf clubs are excellent venues for hosting corporate events. Organizing a corporate retreat at a golf course has many perks. Look for a sprawling green golf course. For instance, there are several open and iconic golf courses in Delhi that will allow you to host a corporate retreat in its premises. Most of these golf courses have a clubhouse attached which means that the employees get the opportunity to participate in a host of activities like golfing, swimming, billiards or other fitness activities.

Catering will also not be a problem since these club houses have fully-functional restaurants with a fancy menu and signature dishes. Organizing a corporate retreat at any of the golf courses in Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore is an excellent idea.

Corporate retreats don’t always have to follow the mundane path. The success of any company depends upon, how active and enthusiastic its workforce is. Corporate retreats work well to shoot up their enthusiasm.