Top secret data on new Indian Navy Submarines leaked Reports

Top secret data on new Indian Navy Submarines leaked Reports : The secret of new Scorpene – class submarines of India which is designed by French shipbuilder DCNS for the Indian Navy have been leaked, as per a report.

Sensitive Data of Navy’s Scorpene Class Submarines Leaked


According to the Australian reports that the documents totalling 22,400 pages have been leaked. This incident could prove to be a blessing for the rivals of India such as China and Pakistan.

The Scorpene submarines are being built in Mumbai at a cost of USD 3.5 billion. It is to be some of the most advanced submarines in their class.

Defence Minister of India Manohar Parrikar admitted that a leak had taken place. He, calling it a case of hacking, said the first step was to identify if it is related to us. But Parrikar claimed that all documents related to the submarine had not been leaked. Parrikar added that the Navy chief has been asked to analyse what exactly has been leaked.

According to the Navy statement said that the source of the leak appears to be outside India.The report said that DCNS has blamed the Indian side for the leak, claiming that such a breach of technical data could not happen from France.

The leak includes details of the submarines’ above water sensors, underwater sensors, torpedo launch system and specification, combat management system, communications system and navigation systems.

The Australian reported that it had seen 4,457 pages on the Scorpene’s underwater sensors, 493 pages on its torpedo launch system and specification, 6841 pages on the communication system and 2138 on its navigation systems, 4,209 pages on its above-water sensors, 4,301 pages on its combat management system.

Kalvari – the first of the Scorpene class submarines, went for trial in May 2016 and It is expected to be inducted into the Indian Navy soon. The induction is already 4 years behind schedule.

Indian Navy officials say that 6 submarines, once inducted, would form the core of the submarine arm of Navy for the next two decades.

The Australian said that the leak will also cause alarm at the highest level in countries that operate a variant of the Scorpene, or have ordered the submarine, including Brazil, Chile and Malaysia.