Tork T6X: Premium Electric MotorCycle Launched In India Priced at Rs. 1.25 lakh

Tork T6X: Premium Electric MotorCycle Launched In India Priced at Rs. 1.25 lakh :- Pune Based Start Up Company of electric bikes – Tork Motors had launched its forts electric motorcyle – T6X in India for only at Rs 1.25 lakh. The Bike will be available for sale in Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune at first and the bookings had been opened by the distributors.

Check the full specifications of this new bike below:

Tork Motors Company had launched the first electric motorcycle – Tork T6X in India. The opening price of this bike is Rs 1.25 lakh. The motor cycle is available in three different colours- White, Black and Gold.


T6X Premium Electric Motor Cycle:

Bike is featured with many new and impressive features like on board navigation, full digital display, superior Acceleration, quick charge, cloud connectivity, and  storage. The electric motorcycle – T6X comes with 1,960 mm length and measures 784 mm in width. The wheel base of the T6X bike is 1,336 mm and 1,085 mm height. The bike is featured with many safety features like daytime running lamps, Geo fencing, Anti Theft, and CDS.

Tork Motors had introduced this bike with Telescopic front forks and spring rear hydraulic suspension. The breaking power of the bike is 267mm disc at front wheels and 220 mm disc brakes at rear. The company had set up six charging points in Pune and it is aiming to increase the number to 100 by December 2016. The detailed specifications of the Bike are given below.


Features Of Tok T6X Electric Motor Cycle:

  • Price : Rs 1.25 Lakhs
  • Speed : 11 Km/hr
  • Battery Life: 80,000 to 1,00000 Km depending on usage
  • Power: Powered by Lithium Ion Batteries which can be charged in two hours
  • Braking power:  267mm disc at front wheels and 220mm disc brakes at rear
  • Measurements: 1,960mm in length, 784mm in width, 1,085mm in height and 1,336mm wheelbase, 130 kg weight
  • Safety features: CDS, Anti Theft, Geo Fencing, ABS and daytime running lamps
  • Additional features: storage,  board navigation, cloud connectivity, quick charge, full digital display and superior acceleration, can connect with rider’s android or iOSmobile device through Tork’s app to communicate battery capacity left, range, service alerts and customised riding profiles.